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Wednesday – 06-29-11

What is up with this rain?! What happened to my sunshine through the window? Ah well, I suppose I’ll make the best of it and use the excuse to meander around in the office area and usr my social skills to check out other cats in their kennels. Unlike me, they don’t have the privilege or sophistication to be people greeters. 🙂 “Bramble” has just recently gone up for adoption and he has been in foster for the past 5 months going through heartworm treatment. He is a true survivor! ~ “Pugface” is still here and has been here since May 13th! I’m getting a little concerned for the little fella. I don’t understand? For a dog he really has a cute face and his teeth give him character! He’s the one that brought shy little “Breezy” our of her shell making her adoptable. Maybe it’s his name? I don’t know, but I am going to keep my paws crossed that he finds a forever home soon. ~ “Buck” the Pit Bull mix and “Cookie” the Border Collie mix got adopted. “Stacy” the Airedale found a new home too. She ended up with a really cool family that owns a place called “Pampering Pickle.” Her new name is Sequoia and I heard she loves it there. In fact, I heard she has even become an official toy tester for them. What a totally cat-cool job for a dog!

Lots of kittens got adopted too…Baby Tye, Hot Dog, Racetrack, Mini, Cashew, and Peanut. I’ll miss those little ones, but I’m so thrilled they all found their forever homes. Hurray! Oh, and if you know anyone who likes rats (for a pet of course), we have one that is up for adoption. Oddly it’s name is “Little Bunny Fufu” and right now I like to spend much of my free time watching it! (If only… mmm … mmm …mmm…)


Stacy now known as "Sequoia"


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Tuesday – 06-14-11

Tuesdays around here are of course when the vet performs surgeries to spay and neuter our animals. Things went purrfectly smooth as usual. The surgeries included seven kitties and four doggies. That means they will all be up for adoption tomorrow. Woo-hoo! 🙂  I wish everything in life could be that smooth and easy, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

“Breezy” a little Chihuahua mix who came into our shelter was extremely shy and always frightened of everything. She was on the verge of completely shutting down.  I honestly wasn’t too optimistic about her snapping out of it and I consider myself to be an optimistic cat.  She was fearful of our staff the first few days here and didn’t warm up at all to any of the volunteers that attempted to make friends with her. Seeing pets in this state of mind break my feline heart, but I still kept my paws crossed for her. Finally, it was decided to try and put her in a kennel with the slightly shy “Pugface” (Chihuahua/Pug mix). And lo and behold! We began to see a spark in Breezy’s eyes and a quick wag in her tail! That little darlin’ came out of her shell! Her new found friendship perked her up and pulled her out of depression! And with her true personality shining through, she managed to find herself someone wanting to adopt her!  Meow-zah!! Her new adopter spent lots of time with her in one of the outside dog runs. The two of them began to bond, getting to know each other more and Breezy’s little heart seemed to grow big! It was an amazing sight to see! *sniffles* They had so much fun playing together and Breezy even played in the WATER! A Chihuahua playing in the water? Who would have known a little Chihuahua would love to swim? My heart melted and I was so relieved that I kept my paws crossed for her! *more sniffles* Being here can occasionally be heart-breaking, but moments like today can also be so fulfilling. Especially when I see staff and others who don’t give up on an animal. They discovered a different approach to help Breezy and it made a difference in her. It makes me proud to be a part of this staff and the many volunteers that come out to help.


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