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PAWED Volunteers

OK so with the rain I could not sleep very well last night. Not sure if was from being so excited about our New Home (Shelter) Construction Kick-Off or if it was the nightmare I had where I became a senile yowling cat. Horrible – not gonna happen. Anyway, I get all poetic when this happens so here you go:

PAWED Volunteers  by Bullet

 Gentle, caring, cleaners
Warm lap, warm heart, security
Firm hand, fair, teacher
Walker, cuddler, friend
Familiar voice, familiar face, familiar smell.
 Remember animals at the shelter
See you as all these things and so much more.
 Thank YOU – from the animals.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I go all sappy too. Rain still today. Its gonna be impossible to get a good nap without some sun. Shelter staff says we need the rain. Maybe we could just have rain at night so I could get a quality nap during the day. – Til next time. — Bullet



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