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Wednesday – 06-15-11

Yippee! Just as I suspected; all four of those cute little Lab/Pitbull puppies I spoke of a few days ago got adopted. Around here they became known as Gina, George, Gallagher, and Gert. They are all now in their new homes. Meow-zah! ~ A well-fed Chihuahua mix by the name of “Bruiser” was adopted and I heard according to a friend of a volunteer here that he is doing catterific! ~ “Nacho Man” the little Lhaso Apso/Corgi mix with a single blue eye finally got adopted. This little guy was a very nice dog, but quite leery of strangers while here at the shelter. An amazing thing happened when he was given a chance to be out of this environment from behind bars.  Kerry McBride who owns this place called the El Dorado Pet Club took him in to foster and he was immediately adopted!! Woo-hoo! Many times when dogs find themselves away from the shelter they can often be less stressed, better relaxed and feel and behave more like their ‘real’ selves. Nacho Man just needed to get out of the shelter environment to become “a-ok!”

“Mongo” a beautiful black lab mix was adopted into a nice home where he will be playing with another lab that is supposedly just like him, only yellow. I think that’s totally cat-cool! Hmmm…makes me wonder it there is another “Bullet” like me on black instead of white?

Anyway, “Grampie” this very handsome, slightly older cat with gorgeous blue eyes finally went home with a very caring gentleman. I’m quite pleased about that because there is only so much room in the shelter for older, handsome cats like myself! And besides, Gramps is ten years old. He has a history of being a little cranky with other kitties he’s had to live with. In his new home he’ll have his new owner all to himself!


"Grampie" the Cat

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