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Wednesday – 06-08-11

Ahhh…flowers. I like to chew on their leaves and petals, but living in the shelter doesn’t give me the opportunity to get access to them. I suppose that’s for the best since I don’t always know which ones are ‘okay’ for me to chew on and which ones might be harmful. The only reason I was thinking about flowers was because “Lilly” the Schnauzer got adopted. Her name made me think of the Lily flower. I know… I know…Lillies are very poisonous to us cats, but hey, it wasn’t my idea to name her Lilly.  😛  Anyway, “Ginger” the Schnoodle was also adopted. Ginger and Lilly both came to our shelter together because their original owner passed away and that’s how they ended up here. I’m very pleased that the two of them both found a new forever homes even if that meant they couldn’t be together!

“Molly” the long-haired Chihuahua was adopted to a new home. The same home that adopted a yellow Labrador from us a few years back. They must have been happy with our customer service because they came back as a repeat customer all the way from Sacramento! Yay!! (Nothing against Sacramento. We’re all here to help save my shelter friends no matter what shelter they may be in.)

Remember “Happy” the Shih Tzu I mentioned a couple weeks ago? The one that badly needed a bath after coming from a breeder where he spent all his first life in an outdoor pen? Well, he finally got adopted too! 🙂 I’m so glad that keeping my paws crossed helped him find a forever home!  “Porter” the Corgi/Chihuahua, “Penny” the shy Border Collie, “Vienna” the overfed Dachshund, and “Bella” the Pit Bull all got adopted!! I am a very happy kitty today!!

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