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Tuesday – 08-23-11

So I’m wondering…is my ‘behind’ looking a little fluffy? Hmmm… meow… No, I don’t think so. I was just wondering  because I think my begging skills might be improving. I was able to stare and bat my beautiful eye long enough to be given a couple of those absolutely scrumptious goldfish crackers! Meow-zah! As soon as my ‘feel-sorry-for-me-I-think-you-should-not-be-stingy-and-share’ expression was successful with one of the staff, I made my way behind that PC monitor to revel in the moment. O-M-G! Yummy! ~ Okay, onto business. Sweet, adorable “Edith” the the Beagle got adopted.  She has been here longer than I would have wished, but I think she and her new owner must be a match made in heaven! Her new dad was SO excited about adopting her and she seemed to share the same level of excitement. As soon as staff let Edith out of her kennel to go with her new dad, she ran right over to him! In this case, our shelter was able to use a donation provided by PAWED that helped reduce Edith’s adoption fee since she is a ‘seasoned’ pet. 🙂  Older pets often get overlooked because of the age and without consideration of the benefits. Thank goodness this worked out for her!

Edith got adopted! Just look at that face!!

Yesterday was surgery day and it included 14 cats, 3 dogs, and 1 rascally rabbit (yes, the nose-twitching rabbit!) successfully spayed/neutered and “Winnie” the adult kitty was adopted. Hurray!! ~ Gregory, the overweight, black adult cat was adopted first thing Monday morning! How ‘cat-cool’ is that?!  And then there was this little, black Pomeranian that came in, but then went home just before the shelter closed. Phew! Lucky dog!! Hopefully he doesn’t end up back here again. And finally, we have had a handful of kittens get adopted (Evan, Monkey, Duckey, and Ice Cream). — Remember what I taught you, kitties, and you’ll get lots of attention!!


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