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Wednesday – 06-01-11

Boy I had to work especially hard today! I ended up having to cat-test a couple of dogs that passed my exam. Fortunately neither one of them wanted to try to eat me!! Another day another morsel of food, right? Someone has gotta do it even if it is tough work!! ~  I also found myself doing the cat-jig today!! Why do you ask? Because “Gus” the big, black lovable lab was finally adopted!  “Meow-zah!!”  “Noetoe” was adopted yesterday, but returned today because he was a little too clingy for the family and didn’t really like their other dog. Did you know that if you’re interested in adopting a second dog that you could bring your first dog into the shelter for a meet and greet with a potential adoptee? It’s always a good idea to do that before you adopt to help increase the chances of finding a good match. 🙂  “Bonnie” the Chihuahua was adopted today too and two scruffy little Schnauzer-mix doggies thankfully got baths! They will be going up for adoption shortly.

The little dog “Cherry” was returned because her owner got a job. She was originally adopted from us some time  the end of last year. I’m keeping all my paws crossed that we find a good match for her.

“Sorbet” the cat was returned because her owner passed away.  This always makes me feel sad.  😦 She was very happy and really loved her owner who adopted her a couple of years ago. I’ll keep my paws crossed for her too that she finds a new home that will provide her the love that she has been given the last few years.

On a more positive meow, I’ve been watching lots of volunteers here spending a lot of time and energy helping out our staff. It’s totally cat-cool of them.  I’m not sure what our staff would do without them. They deserve a purrrfect paw of applause. Meow!! So thank you volunteers!!

Bonnie the Chihuahua

"Bonnie" the Chihuahua


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