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Annie's Makeover

Annie’s Makeover

Hello again to everyone. Have you been wondering just where I have been and what I have been up to? And perhaps, what is going on in our great shelter? I have been in my usual spot at the front desk greeting adopters and visitors and also testing dogs for cat friendliness. The problem is my scribe has been kind of missing in action but is now back; once again ready to assist me in cat-a-logging the goings on around here.

There is a lot of new volunteer action of late, with trips to the Placerville Library, Placerville Tractor Supply and plans for the Christmas Parade on December 6th in Placerville. Thank you to all our volunteers and a extra paws-up to the volunteers getting adoptables out to these events. More on these outings in the future.

Today I want to remind you of just one of my important jobs here at the shelter in Diamond Springs. That of course requires my cat’s-pertise as a dog-cat compatibility tester. I have a keen eye and extensive experience in this roll. It is important to be up front about dogs that just can’t be civil to cats so that appropriate homes are found for these dogs. Some of these dogs are quite incredible, obedient, loving – basically awesome – but they have that one flaw. – They appear to be “addicted” to chasing cats and other small four legged critters.

My point? – Do you have a household with no cats? Perhaps you do not even have a pets and need a bosom buddy to do stuff with? I present here for your consideration an awesome dog “ANNIE”. The

Annie goes outside under the Giant Cat Hammocks

Annie goes outside under the Giant Cat Hammocks

Paw-Parazzi spent some time with Annie last week. I watched from a safe perch and she was very very good about getting done up in a fantastic pink Tutu and faux pearls. Let me just say that you would not have gotten me into that get up. Annie was an angel about it and even seemed to enjoy it. After the back drop photo shoot Annie and the Paw-Parazzi went out to the special grass section with the giant cat hammocks for a few action shots. Anyway take a look at this great dog. But remember – Annie is “addicted” to chasing cats and needs a household WITHOUT CATS. So if your home is a candidate stop by and meet Annie and if you have dogs of your own arrange a meet and greet through the staff here at the Shelter in Diamond Springs.

Enjoy the photo gallery of Annie below. —  Annie is really a most incredible dog!

That’s it for today. Just come meet Annie.

— But while you are here I am sure you will feel compelled to stop by at the front desk to give me – BULLET – a few pats on the head first. Now it is time for some “handsome” sleep for me. Hopefully I can get some terminal time in around midnight to work on some gifting ideas I have. – MEOWZA Bullet!   PS – Thanks to Kelly for dressing Annie for her photo shoot. Thanks to Katherine for Annie’s Tutu and pearls and thanks to Carrie for the back drop shots of Annie.


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I have been more than a little remiss in not keeping my fans updated. I had to focus on slimming down a bit after all the Holiday kitty treats. My New Year’s Resolution is more head pats and less treats. We’ll see how that works out. So we are well on our way into 2015 and there are still Finishing Touches being completed around the place here at 6435 Capitol Ave. in Diamond Springs, the location of my new place. Some one got me a great new napping bed where I can efficiently greet visitors and fans. It is pretty cool. Thanks to my Secret Santa person for this. I may never know but I love it all the same.

Next week (maybe sooner) I will tell you all about the synthetic turf and progress on the Shade Sails, but this week I am super stoked to show you the Donor Tile Wall.

Donor Tile Wall being admired by a "Bullet Fan"

Donor Tile Wall being admired by a “Bullet Fan”

The installers were super efficient and polite to boot. They brought the tile in, did the lay out on the floor and after my inspection and approval, up it went in less than 2 hours. My fans really need to see my tile in person. There is talk that they may do another panel, so start looking for that “best image” of your own pet for a tribute or living memorial to them. I don’t often get too “excited” but this is awesome. (Special thanks to Deputies Cindy R., Deb P. & LC) for the great photos of the tile wall.) Also thanks for Deb P. for coordinating the Tile sales and to TILE ARTISANS  for this excellent product.

A new tentative date has been set for the “Grand Opening”/”Open House”. – What we had back in December was just the “Ribbon Cutting”. SUNDAY MARCH 29th, 2015 from 2-4pm is the date and time, pencil it in. It is the big event for all of my fans and the general public. I will keep you updated with details as I find them out. There is another planning meeting this week, so I hope to update you soon. If you are a Shelter Volunteer and want to help out with this please contact my awesome new friend, fan and Shelter Volunteer Coordinator, Deanna Chedsey call her at 530-621-7661 or email her at She works part time so give her a bit to get back to you. If you would like to become a volunteer at the shelter she is your go to person as well.

Hey, I just remembered that it is almost spring and with that we have “KITTEN SEASON”. Yet it’s the time of year when I get only a minimal amount of “handsome sleep” due to all the necessary training that goes into the little Tykes. You can help me get more quality nap time by signing up to be a foster parent for cats, kittens, dog and or puppies. You can find out more on the El Dorado County Animal Services Website




Thats all for me today, the nap zone calls.


MEOWZA! Bullet

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