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Annie's Makeover

Annie’s Makeover

Hello again to everyone. Have you been wondering just where I have been and what I have been up to? And perhaps, what is going on in our great shelter? I have been in my usual spot at the front desk greeting adopters and visitors and also testing dogs for cat friendliness. The problem is my scribe has been kind of missing in action but is now back; once again ready to assist me in cat-a-logging the goings on around here.

There is a lot of new volunteer action of late, with trips to the Placerville Library, Placerville Tractor Supply and plans for the Christmas Parade on December 6th in Placerville. Thank you to all our volunteers and a extra paws-up to the volunteers getting adoptables out to these events. More on these outings in the future.

Today I want to remind you of just one of my important jobs here at the shelter in Diamond Springs. That of course requires my cat’s-pertise as a dog-cat compatibility tester. I have a keen eye and extensive experience in this roll. It is important to be up front about dogs that just can’t be civil to cats so that appropriate homes are found for these dogs. Some of these dogs are quite incredible, obedient, loving – basically awesome – but they have that one flaw. – They appear to be “addicted” to chasing cats and other small four legged critters.

My point? – Do you have a household with no cats? Perhaps you do not even have a pets and need a bosom buddy to do stuff with? I present here for your consideration an awesome dog “ANNIE”. The

Annie goes outside under the Giant Cat Hammocks

Annie goes outside under the Giant Cat Hammocks

Paw-Parazzi spent some time with Annie last week. I watched from a safe perch and she was very very good about getting done up in a fantastic pink Tutu and faux pearls. Let me just say that you would not have gotten me into that get up. Annie was an angel about it and even seemed to enjoy it. After the back drop photo shoot Annie and the Paw-Parazzi went out to the special grass section with the giant cat hammocks for a few action shots. Anyway take a look at this great dog. But remember – Annie is “addicted” to chasing cats and needs a household WITHOUT CATS. So if your home is a candidate stop by and meet Annie and if you have dogs of your own arrange a meet and greet through the staff here at the Shelter in Diamond Springs.

Enjoy the photo gallery of Annie below. —  Annie is really a most incredible dog!

That’s it for today. Just come meet Annie.

— But while you are here I am sure you will feel compelled to stop by at the front desk to give me – BULLET – a few pats on the head first. Now it is time for some “handsome” sleep for me. Hopefully I can get some terminal time in around midnight to work on some gifting ideas I have. – MEOWZA Bullet!   PS – Thanks to Kelly for dressing Annie for her photo shoot. Thanks to Katherine for Annie’s Tutu and pearls and thanks to Carrie for the back drop shots of Annie.

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fisheye shade

Can you honestly tell me that these do not look like giant cat hammocks?

GIANT CAT HAMMOCKS INSTALLED The Shade Sails Are Up should be the title.


Shade Sail installation is an interesting and mildly complex process.

Some of my deputies diligently supervised the PAWED  Finishing Touches Shade Sails installation. As you may remember in my last blog the Turf was down but the sails were still in transit from Australia. The speedy pineapple express weather pattern was held up somewhat at the ports? or who knows why but they arrived and on Friday, February 20th, 2015 the official installation occurred. For all the world these really look like sunny day Hammocks for cats if some one would just provide me with a ladder I could test out my theory. But alas it is an unsecured area for us clever cat types and hence reserved for the dogs and people who are denizens of only ground level.


Sail installation involves, special fire rated nylon, huge turnbuckles and some mongo big cables.

That said, they are still really really cool and worth stopping for a look see when you come to visit me at the shelter. It has been said in a sort of semi-official email dispatch that the pictures do not do them justice. But my Deputies have tried to capture the installation and “the look” for my fans that are not able to rush right down to see them in person. Pictures of the Shade Sail installation process are in the gallery at the end of today’s blog.

Serious turnbuckles and cables.

Serious turnbuckles and cables.

But please, DO come visit me often in the next couple of weeks as the Volunteer Coordinator Deanna Chedsey will be away for a bit from 3/2 to 3/9 and I rely heavily on her for head pats and the like.

A big MEOWZA for the recently adopted shelter residents.

Cats:  Darla, Zazu, Little John, Violet, Mattie, Coldin, Crispin & Lucy

Dogs: Bruce really found a great home as he was adopted by Deanna the Volunteer Coordinator who has allowed me to announce the news, Snookums, Buddy, Ono, Alicia, Peter and Fanny Mae.

Deanna's new bud. I am not the jealous type, but...

Deanna’s new bud. I am not the jealous type, but…

Horses (29 horses still available): PJ, Mandan, Bonny, Dehilah, Tangles, Nemo, Special, Buddy, Apple, OC, Tres, Dakota, Snow Angel, Cowboy, Ben, Grace, Jerry, Williams, Butterfly, Lilly, Yuri, Suzy, Specks & Tag A Long


BeBe still available

And the rabbit Circle.

That’s all for today. Coming Soon – “ALTERNATE PERSPECTIVE” blog.

On a final note Crimson and Draco are looking for a quiet home where they can hang out. Please come check out these best buds here at the Diamond Springs Shelter.

Crimson & Draco

Crimson & Draco

And a couple of pups in foster care deserve a look – Sparkle and Spirit.


Currently in Foster Care

Currently in Foster Care

Currently in Foster Care

Currently in Foster Care

MEOWZA! – Bullet

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In addition to MYSPACE in the Volunteer room, the in-house Veterinary Clinic has gone in. A generous donor combined their funds with the equipment repurposed from the “dying” PAWED Mobile Clinic to create an awesome space in the building here at 6435 Capitol Avenue in Diamond Springs. (Yes if you had not heard we moved to our new location in October, and its really cool.) This is great as the space is bigger and staff are not tripping over one and other and the animals to

New surgery table adn light with preroom next door.

New surgery table adn light with preroom next door.


Surgery prep room getting organized and ready for first spay/neuter day at the New Shelter

get all the spays and neuters done. This space the key to reducing pet overpopulation and treating any number of conditions that arise including ultrasonic scaling of dog and cat teeth to freshen the breath of our canine and feline residents and improve their health.

A super big MEOWZA goes out to lead fixit and fix everything guy “Deputy” Jeff Lee. He runs the

"Deputy Jeff" Lead fix it guy for all things PAWED at the new shelter.

“Deputy Jeff” Lead fix it guy for all things PAWED at the new shelter.

volunteer crew (Donna D., Bill Smith et al. pretty hard though, and they have even had to resort to weight training to keep up and they will hopefully be able to get some much needed rest for muscles and backs now that the majority of it is done and debugged.

It has been a pretty massive project to extract and adapt equipment from the Mobile Clinic and get it up and running in the new space. Check out this great gallery of photos by “Deputy” Donna that shows all the new equipment purchased through the PAWED Finishing Touches campaign and repurposing the Mobile Clinic equipment. They tell me that removing that decal was super tedious work with a heat gun and progress measured in millimeters per hour – it took a really long time to remove.

Anyway this new space is super duper and will serve our community for decades to come.

Meowza! — Sheriff Bullet

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HOME SWEET HOME – Time to nap

EDCASsign 5x4wYippeee!  Yippeeee! Yipeee! WE’VE MOVED IN, we’ve moved in. — OK sorry I am a bit giddy and over tired and even perhaps a bit confused from no sleep, the car ride and anxiety that my fans might not know where to find me. First things first. Me, shelter staff, Animal Services officers, the director and even the administrative staff are in our new home 6435 Capitol Ave. in Diamond Springs. First is was all the chaos of the King Fire and then all the staff and volunteers with their packing and cleaning and moving activities that have totally disrupted my “Handsome Sleep.” They even had to deliberately wake me up on several occasions to ask my advise about where to put some of the items. Anyway it was incredibly exhausting but as you canIMG_3580w see they found me a suitable napping spot at the front desk so I can greet my fans. We open in the morning. That will be THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th at 9:30am. Check the El Dorado County Animal Services Website for the shelter and administrative hours (I hear tell will be open at lunch now so my fans can stop by on their lunch hour.) and other details.

The grand opening has yet to be announced and things are still being completed around here but you can stop in and take a look at the lobby and give me a couple of nice head pats starting on the 16th.

I am a bit disappointed that there are not too many dogs in here yet and the barn is not quite ready for those horse types I will need to train but its all looking pretty good. Outside perimeter fencing is just beginning to go up but the walkway to visit me is in and today’s sky was a lovely blue.IMG_3579w

Inside Alli and Sara are putting up shelving and filling it with blankets and towels to keep all of my friends and me comfortable. There seems to be a room, a cupboard or nook or cranny for about everything. Tuesday the veterinary clinic and grooming equipment started to arrive. Two of the cool cat towers are already here along with some incredibly confusing kitten triplets that I cannot for the life of me tell apart.

Two of the triplets.

Two of the triplets.

After getting the volunteer computer up and running, one of my deputies (Deputy Donna) almost scared the little tykes to death making funny faces. The kittens not the deputy should be in next week’s Adopt A Pet Ad in the Mountain Democrat. PAWED volunteers were greeting people at the door this week so I could get some sleep. It will take staff and I a while to sort out everything here at the new place so please bear with us as we get all the kinks out and as I catch up on my sleep.

Deputy Donna playing with the kittens.

Deputy Donna playing with the kittens.

I hope you will all be as pleased and excited as I am to see this huge undertaking and milestone for Animal Services become a reality. That’s it until I am more rested. Meowza! – Bullet


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Bullets 10 Steps to Preparedness – Step Two

Step Two – Situational Preparedness (Advanced Planning)

So hopefully you have your pictures in your phone and your zip-lock bag with some stuff in it. Do not let the kittens play with this bag or they will surely riddle it with little pin holes rendering it something short of waterproof. Find a safe place to cash the emergency supplies. We pets will feel far more secure if our humans are not running around like the proverbial headless chickens – nasty thought. If all the stuff is in one place then you can spend more time seeing to our comfort and perhaps not have to retrieve us from some really difficult hiding place like the middle of under a king-size bed or the interior of a couch. Not speaking from experience here, but just conveying some of the tales I have heard here at the shelter.

So let’s think about situational preparedness.  Don’t wait until the emergency is on the radio and TV, plan now. This is gathering all the information you can about where you live, potential hazards and actions you might take to deal with them significantly in advance of the actual emergency. (Situational awareness is gathering information on current weather and other factors that will influence you actions during or immediately prior to a potential emergency. I will talk about this later, in upcoming blogs.)

You can check here to see El Dorado County’s Emergency Plan. You might also want to check and see if your workplace has an emergency plan. Next use these resources and the internet to determine what types of emergencies are common where you live. I am pretty sure from my late night internet searching that I will never be threatened by a Tsunami or Hurricane. A tornado is not likely but remotely possible. However having experienced them before I know a power outage is quite probable at some point. A building or wildland fire are also possible. As are the threats of localized flooding or a Hazardous materials spill.

The other thing to think about is how long each one of these is going to disrupt normal activities such as naps and chow time. Will you have to leave home or can you shelter in place? (If you plan to shelter in place what preparations need to be made?) Are you going to be away from home for 12 to 24 hours, or might you be displaced for a week or more. It is best to have a 7 day supply of food, water and necessities for the pets and the people too if you are sheltering in place and unable to get to the store or if the disaster affects a whole region. Although it is hard to think about sometimes there is no home to return to after and emergency. My photo albums and photo dvds are on my emergency checklist.

And if you are not sheltering in place how are you going to exit your neighbor hood for each of these types of events. It is best if every neighborhood has at least two ways to exit the area. If you live on a dead end street, is it really a dead end? Can you create another route with some planning and effort? If not, and you cannot shelter in place, you need to evacuate sooner or risk being trapped.

You can benefit from my late night internet work by checking out these useful links:   This website helps you determine your risks and has some good links   This is a 204 page FEMA document that details the step by step process to prepare for any disaster.

And don’t forget to check the PAWED website for some great handouts emergency preparedness for specific types of pets. Clickable links below.

Summary Step Two – Hazard Identification – Advance Hazard Mitigation – Escape Routes – Sheltering in Place

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Bullets 10 Steps to Preparedness – Step One

Step One – Identification & Immunizations

Get a current picture of you and each of your caretakers in the picture with you. Selfie’s are fine as long as your caretakers are in the picture with you and it is of pretty good quality. – I am still perfecting my “Selfie” technique. – In addition to the photo ID, a microchip, or if your ‘that type’, a tattoo, is an excellent idea.  Put a copy of the chip number in each of your caretaker’s smart phones and a hard copy on a card for a wallet or purse. If you are a purebred or hoity- type pet then make sure they get a picture or hard copy of your pedigree and registration or bill of sale. Make a special album or albums on your smart-phone to save all the images in. For the hard copies put them in a water proof bag. No need to get fancy, save your money to buy me some cat treats or a cat hammock, just use a quart or gallon zip-lock bag.

For most lists this identification stuff is step two but you are going to need the ID and records for so many things, not just emergencies so ‘I’ suggest that you do these first.

And let’s talk about this microchip thing. Collars are not so bad for dogs, but even they slip them or loose them. Even we indoor only kitties can get injured, disoriented and lost or go for unplanned rides in vehicles while investigating them. We do not ‘do collars’, except breakaway ones. Microchips are really a cheap insurance policy with a really good success rate for pet recovery. Plus, I don’t need your pets at my shelter disturbing my naps for any longer than absolutely necessary and a chip is the quickest way to reunite you with them.

It is time to get off my soap box and back to the topic. Don’t forget to keep immunizations up to date. Caretakers check with the vet. Caretakers, while you are doing this you can get an updated copy of your pet’s medical record. Do the same for yourself. You are not gonna be much help to your pet if you are sick or quarantined.

OK so lets get too this stuff. Please write me if you have any clever or useful tips to add. At the end I will put all of this information into a single PDF.

Summary of the first step – ID Pictures and Proof of ownership – Microchips – Immunization Update – Medical Records

Next week (March 10th ) more stuff on the New West Slope Animal Shelter

In Two Weeks (March 17th) I will post Step two of Emergency Preparedness for you and your pets.

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Lights, Camera, Nap Time

Lots of sun coming through the windows this week has made for some quality “Handsome” sleep. With the remaining “Lemur” kittens not due back from foster care for a week or so there are just some adult cats (all eligible for ½ off adoptions) hanging out in my domain, in the foyer of the shelter here in Placerville. Dobbins the cat

Dobbins is one handsome cat, but Bullet is in a class of his own. Check the Christmas post with Bullet in his bow tie.

Dobbins is one handsome cat, but Bullet is in a class of his own. Check the Christmas post with Bullet in his bow tie.

is a bit talky but not too winey, and he at least tries to share his kibble with me. While this is actually a bad idea as I have food allergies and special food, he means well and I appreciate the sentiment. Dobbins is not as handsome as old Bullet, but would make a fine addition to any home.

The shelter staff marked up the most recent version the new shelter plans and are awaiting a new set to peruse. It appears that this sort of thing is not super easy. As long as they have spots for Bullet snacks, Bullet petting by his adoring public and staff, Bullet napping (preferably with sun), a safe Bullet enclosure for nighttime security from the Bogey Man and room for the fish bowl it will be fine by me. I may have to request some library books or internet access to do some research if this takes too long. I may have to enlist some help with sticky notes to mark pages as I am a bit Post-it challenged unless they are crumpled into a ball for me.

8 wk old Pitty Puppy Redman

8 wk old Pitty Puppy Redman


Blaze the 8 week old Pitty Puppy

This week at the shelter, we got in 2 litters of Pitty Puppies, there sure have been a lot of them this year.

The older two at about 8 weeks are available this week for adoption and the other litter, with too many for me to count, will go into foster and be available in a week or two, so keep checking the Adopt A Pet Ads in the Mountain Democrat on Fridays or for earlier notice check out the PAWED Facebook page here.

How can you not love these adorable little guys. They will be available for adoption soon. Don't forget to stop by and pet Bullet in the front office when you come to the Shelter.

How can you not love these adorable little guys. They will be available for adoption soon. Don’t forget to stop by and pet Bullet in the front office when you come to the Shelter.

I keep telling the photographers that the cats don’t really like the flash (Lights) from the camera but as Droopy here

Droopy hates the camera flash.

Droopy hates the camera flash.

is demonstrating – they just don’t seem to listen. The cats much prefer a chin scratch or a scratch behind the ears as demonstrated here by Cypress. Please take note that Cypress is a lovely lady cat who has had her entire adoption fee paid.

As Cypress demonstrates cats much prefer a chin scratch to a camera flash.

As Cypress demonstrates cats much prefer a chin scratch to a camera flash.

Please come visit us and find a cat, dog or rabbit that is the perfect one for you and your family. If you cannot find the perfect one for you this week you can at least pet me, give me a treat and then come back in a week or so to check again.

I think I will work on the next chapter of The Delicate Snook Hook Caper. I probably should do an outline first but that would involve Post-it notes and could prove overly frustrating.

That’s it Fur Now. – Bullet.


PS – It’s Nap Time for me and the little ones.

These Pittys are too small for adoption they are going into foster care. Check back in a week or so.

These Pittys are too small for adoption they are going into foster care. Check back in a week or so.

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Into the New Year and hopefully a new shelter

The Christmas season was a bit hectic but things are starting to settle down a bit. I finally arranged for some one to go out and get some pictures of the place I will, in the future, call home. The eventual permanent home of the El Dorado County West Slope Animal Shelter will be a big place over in the business park off of Missouri Flat Rd. Some one left a computer on one night so I was able to get this cool Satellite photo of the place for you. The arrow points to the building and the big star is on the open area where we will house our farm animal friends eventually.


Satellite map. Look how close the El Dorado Trail is.

Check out how close the El Dorado Trail – old railroad line is. – The possibilities stagger the imagination.


I do hope they will allow me out to do the horse, donkey and goat temperament testing just like I test the dogs around here now. I have some fond memories from way back about a big bay mare. This may or may not be accurate as you all should know as I sustained a head injury from a bullet many years ago which is how I ended up at the shelter in the first place and how I got my name. Oh well they are lovely memories regardless.

There is nothing definite about the floor plan yet other than the fact that shelter staff are being asked to give input ,so we four legged types are pretty confident it will be an efficient and homey space in the final draft. Once I can get some legitimate details I will let my readers know. For now at least, we are patiently waiting.

So, let us talk 4 legged critters now. Can you believe it is the middle of winter and we have actually had a couple of litters of kittens to spay/neuter and adopt out?? The first litter, some unknown party basically dumped behind the gas station next door. Brittany’s keen sense of hearing picked up on their little mews and instantly we had new residents. The really cool thing was that the next day was surgery day so they all got fixed and then very quickly adopted – all right during the holidays.

And this week we got in a litter of lemurs. Well not really lemurs but they sure look like them. If you like ultra modern hair styles then you must see these little urchins. They have black fur and ears and foreheads with frosted tips. Soon all the girls will have little belly tattoos. No piercings though. Neera, Aladar, Yar and Plio are up for adoption as of today and the two tiniest Zini and Suri have gone into foster homes for a week or two as they were to small for surgery. Sara gave them names from the movie Dinosaur. If you do cute then they are it. I am not too into cute, but they are a quiet and polite lot.



So we are pretty devoid of youngsters around here, but I must point your attention to some adult dogs and cats deserving of a visit. Dasher, Bodie and Bear are canines; Preston, Kibby, Otis, Spud, Millie and Pasty are felines. You can see their portraits on the PAWED Facebook page here or in the Mountain Democrat Adopt-A-Pet ad on Friday.

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Monday April 9, 2012 “Pit”y Litter(s)

Monday April 9, 2012

11 Pit bull puppies headed into foster care with PAWED Volunteer Janice

Today I have a “pit”y litter section for my dog-blog. 11 little pity puppies only 12 days old went into foster housing today along with their mom Lucy. A great PAWED volunteer, Janice will be seeing to their needs and providing them with a wonderful home environment. My ghost writer got a few pictures for you today as they were leaving. And that’s not the only “pit”y litter today. A bunch of 8 week old puppies just arrived from their foster home with Carolynn, another PAWED volunteer, so they can be neutered/spayed tomorrow and go up for adoption. Just take a look at some of them. SOOO CUTE. – Did I just say that? Not to cool but very true.

8 week old puppy shows its appreciation the best it knows how.

I can not begin to tell you how appreciative I am that the PAWED volunteers and staff see to it that these puppies get into private homes while they start the process of growing up. The number of pets I get is inversely proportional to the number of cute little puppies in the shelter. In other words the more of them there are the less attention I get.  (It’s kind of obvious I was reading someone’s algebra book that was left near my cage last night – it did help me fall asleep though.)

A young girl looks longingly at some of the puppies that will be spayed/neutered on Tuesday; and available for adoption on Wednesday this week.

I also want to thank PAWED volunteers Lois and Cindy who where helping out at the shelter today. They got to visit with a visiting schnauzer-terrier-dachshund (schnauterdach???) dog named Valentino who is happily living in his forever home in Mosquito and just stopped in for a visit along with his people. Its cool when the volunteers and staff get to see the success stories – it makes them smile and then they pet me more too.)

Emily was also in again teaching cats to cuddle. Great work guys.

I also tested the aquarium water and sharpened my claws before my nap so all in all it was another successful day at the El Dorado County West Slope Animal Shelter.

Gotta stay prepared in case the Bogey-man shows up at night.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

The dog-blog section is coming up but first some updates on kitties. The special adoption discount at the shelter, for cats, is helping. Butterscotch has been adopted and Jacob has moved to theSouth Lake Tahoeshelter. Simba however is still needs to be adopted. He’s a nice chap so we are hoping he finds some one pretty soon.


First, let me tell you that the Foster Parents for the shelter are pretty amazing. The newish shelter volunteer Donovan has taken in a dog called Evelyn to get her healthy so she is adoptable. There will be a story about the two of them in PAWED’s next newsletter which comes out the end of May.

And… I just learned through our excellent volunteer trainer Kelly that Sierra is keeping some high falutin’ company as her foster home is the PAWED president. Sierra is this great and loving hound that needs some special help for her eye problems. The president even took her on a nice “sight seeing” tour to Rocklin. You gotta keep these hounds on the right track if you know what I mean. Any way major thankyous are being heard around the kennel for these special needs critters.

Every one around here does a great job finding forever homes for the barky types (and the purry ones too). Dori and Nemo are a couple of cool German Short Haired Pointers. They are really fit and they are both youngsters in my book (about 3 years). It is my considered opinion that they would make great running, walking or jogging mates for you active types out there. Me I am more suited to “occupying the couch” or an available sunny spot or some light work aerating the fish bowl and testing the water. Don’t blame me if I mixed up Dori and Nemo. I am a cat and your just lucky that I even got the breed right. – All those dogs look the same to me – barks and has non-retractable claws = DOG.


Tuck on the other hand is a smaller model dog. Being a poodle mix he has the curly locks thing going for him and is another youngster at just 2 years. He seems a quiet friendly little guy. He was just headed out for a walk with the PAWED volunteers when I saw him today.

Annie has been in the shelter a while. She is a quiet lab mix. She has short easy to keep hair that is a lovely shade of tan with a few white highlights. She would be much happier in her own home where she can nap in peace – she prefers the only child gig to having a bunch of siblings.

And last but not least is Gannon. He is absolutely sweet as pie. He is a big boy at about 70# and only 10 months old right now. He is tan with some subtle dark bits that come from his Akita heritage. Rumor has it he loves kids. I have it well documented that his tongue works really really well. Again, I am only just learning about this dog stuff but I suspect he’s gonna make a great companion for a person willing to teach him the ropes and provide the proper guidance.

Please get over to the shelter and check these guys out. Its fine to go back to the kennel to see them but don’t forget me, Bullet, I need some pets on the head and a treat too for all my hard work. After all I do have to test out these dogs for you and hold down furniture that is sitting in the sun out in the front office.


Signed – Bullet the cat with the unique PURRRRSPECTIVE

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