About Me

animal services logoHi, my name is Bullet and I am the official greeter and dog tester at the El Dorado County Animal Services Shelter in Diamond Springs, CA! I’m not a big fan of dogs, but I DO tolerate them.  The girls at the shelter ‘safely’ place dogs near my face on a regular basis to see if any of them want to eat me.  I just have to look handsome so it’s a pretty easy job and that’s how I earn my keep. Living at the shelter is great fun; I get attention from visitors, volunteers and of course the staff. People even come in just to see me!

So how did I end up with this job? Well, there was a time I had no one to care for me and one day when I suddenly found myself shot in the face causing my jaw to shatter and full of bullet fragments! Fortunately for me I was picked up by a wonderful El Dorado County Animal Services Officer and taken to a vet where I was treated and then later brought here. The human workers around here didn’t think I was going to survive, but I did! I ended up having to go through a couple of surgeries and despite how ugly I may have looked at the time, the shelter staff really liked me. I charmed them with my purring because I’m really good at it. While they nursed me back to health and gave me medicine, I put on my ‘ol Bullet charm and purred and rubbed them when they cleaned my face! I’ve been here ever since.  As far as my eye goes, well, it began itching me like crazy and I ended up rubbing it so much that the vet said it had to come out.  So there went my eye.

I also have what they call food allergies. I have to eat this special food that’s really expensive. PAWED-logo-4cpFortunately, the humans from the People for Animal Welfare in El Dorado County (PAWED) buy it for me. It’s okay,  but sometimes when no one is watching I go around and eat whatever else I can scrounge. But when I do, I start getting itchy all over my body and I just keep scratching. And when that happens I end up having to wear the “cone of shame” to keep me from scratching.

I like it here. Everyone likes me, I get lots of love, and one of the Animal Services Officer even bought me my very own water fountain. It is the coolest thing ever. I get to be the first one to play with the new toys, crawl in the best tunnels, cubes, boxes and tubs.

One response to “About Me

  1. Glad to meet you Bullet! I’m Debbie and I’ve been a volunteer with Sacramento County Animal Care for about 7 years now. I spend most of my time with LAPCATS, a special outplacement program in the Elk Grove PetSmart for adult kitties, run and managed by shelter volunteers. We’ve placed nearly 900 homeless kitties in forever homes so far. Of course I’ve adopted a few furkids myself too, and they’re all very spoiled, happy kitties. I’m going to add you to our Adopt a LAPCAT blogroll to help others meet you too.

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