TURF’s UP (OR DOWN in this case)

IMG_6272hdtvIf you every thought “a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse” (ala Richard the Third – sort of) you can make your dreams become reality. Check out El Dorado County Animal Services Pet Harbor link to see 6 pages of these noble creatures which are available for adoption. Just one of these noble beasts can pretty handily eliminate the need to weedwack a 5-10 acre parcel come spring time. With my limited grasp of “whinney-speak” I don’t have a lot of detailed history on them but the website should provide a pretty good introductions for them. So have a look here under other animals  – – they are housed off site so you will have to make arrangements to visit them in person. The history of why EDCAS has so many of our equine friends right now is here.

Another new experience for me is the arrival of a couple of pet pigs. I do not know much about them as I do not speak “oink” at all. “Oink” is not a very intelligible when spoken by cats anyway. And while we cats might like a bit of a dust bath on occasion we just cannot comprehend the whole concept of a mud bath even though I understand it is a common spa treatment enjoyed by people. So if you speak “oink” or want to learn it stop by and practice with the two temporary residents. More about them on the last page of other animals for adoption on the EDCAS website.

And as promised last week, an update on the synthetic turf and shade sails. There is a nice gallery of pictures below on the turf installation and the setting of the shade sail tension poles. (Thanks Deputy Barb L. for the majority of the pictures and for coordinating ALL of these Finishing Touches that spiff up the place even more.) The sails are in transit from Australia. With the Pineapple express in effect may be they could just unfurl them and send the by “air mail”? We need rain and snow but this wind is pretty scary and it upsets my naps. (Rain and snow are quiet so no objections to them at all, as I am quite snug and dry inside on MY Lobby Counter or on Deanna’s and MY desk.) Anyway right now we are looking for the shade sail installation around the 16th or 17th of February.

Turf is in, poles are up and Sails are on the way.

Turf is in, poles are up and Sails are on the way.


Take note; Animal Outreach has a Free Feral Spay Day on 21 FEB 2015. So if you have feral cats that need fixing and live in El Dorado County, now’s the time to get them fixed BEFORE they get pregnant and have kittens.

Lastly a shout our to some of my buds who were adopted last week.

COOL CATS: Puddy, Fiona, Heidi, Aiko, Valentino, Bugzie, Tym, Sarabi, Tartar Sauce, Stitch, Katness, Tuckett, Mattie, Helen & George.



DESERVING DOGS: Reba, Lira, Murphy, Westin, Mufin, Polly



FEATHERED FRIENDS: All three remaining Parakeets



POCKET PETS?(rabbit): Raider



ELEGANT EQUINES & A Sheep(listed first): Wooly Wonka, Toffee, Yuri, Suzy, Specks, Tag Along, Drogon, Danni, Marbles, Ariel, Spice

Remember – it is kitten season with new arrivals weekly.

Come check them out!

Come check them out!

Check back next week for news on the Shade Sails and the latest “scoop”. Signing off, MEOWZA – Sheriff Bullet.


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