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More accolades for“Deputy” Jeff, who also got our photography backdrop in the Cat Meet N Greet Room up and running so my other deputies can properly showcase the adoptables on the West Slope and to make sure I have a proper picture portfolio to submit for those upcoming movie roles. (More on this around Christmas) He did a bang up job anchoring this stuff to the metal stud work, without damaging the beautiful new walls.

Finnegan has been adopted.

Finnegan has been adopted.

Eliza has been adopted. Check out the Fall season decoration and celebrate her adoption.

Eliza has been adopted. Check out the Fall season decoration and celebrate her adoption.

If you have been watching on the PAWED or Animal Services Facebook pages you’ll notice its all set up for the Harvest season. Soon you will see it all decked out for the Holiday Season. AND … if you stop by to play with my lady friends, canine buddies and the little kitty tykes here at the shelter you can check them all out by just having a seat in the lobby and watching the monitor there. “Pretty cat darn cool,” I would say. Plus you can visit with me at the same time. I pretty much supervise the Lobby area just like at the old shelter.

Drop-by while your out doing your holiday shopping to say hello and give me a head or chin scratch and maybe visit with some of the other residents before they move on to their forever homes.

I hear I have a photo session coming up again pretty soon so I gotta head off and get some more quality Handsome napping done. — Meowza, Bullet.



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In addition to MYSPACE in the Volunteer room, the in-house Veterinary Clinic has gone in. A generous donor combined their funds with the equipment repurposed from the “dying” PAWED Mobile Clinic to create an awesome space in the building here at 6435 Capitol Avenue in Diamond Springs. (Yes if you had not heard we moved to our new location in October, and its really cool.) This is great as the space is bigger and staff are not tripping over one and other and the animals to

New surgery table adn light with preroom next door.

New surgery table adn light with preroom next door.


Surgery prep room getting organized and ready for first spay/neuter day at the New Shelter

get all the spays and neuters done. This space the key to reducing pet overpopulation and treating any number of conditions that arise including ultrasonic scaling of dog and cat teeth to freshen the breath of our canine and feline residents and improve their health.

A super big MEOWZA goes out to lead fixit and fix everything guy “Deputy” Jeff Lee. He runs the

"Deputy Jeff" Lead fix it guy for all things PAWED at the new shelter.

“Deputy Jeff” Lead fix it guy for all things PAWED at the new shelter.

volunteer crew (Donna D., Bill Smith et al. pretty hard though, and they have even had to resort to weight training to keep up and they will hopefully be able to get some much needed rest for muscles and backs now that the majority of it is done and debugged.

It has been a pretty massive project to extract and adapt equipment from the Mobile Clinic and get it up and running in the new space. Check out this great gallery of photos by “Deputy” Donna that shows all the new equipment purchased through the PAWED Finishing Touches campaign and repurposing the Mobile Clinic equipment. They tell me that removing that decal was super tedious work with a heat gun and progress measured in millimeters per hour – it took a really long time to remove.

Anyway this new space is super duper and will serve our community for decades to come.

Meowza! — Sheriff Bullet

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Volunteer Room - MYSPACE

Volunteer Room – MYSPACE

While I have been working on my Handsome sleep, a lot was going on here at the New Animal Services Facility on the West Slope of El Dorado County. The nice people of PAWED are setting me up with some proper digs right next to the lobby. I had to interrupt my quality nap time to do inspections and make sure everything was just right. I think its pretty close now, what do you think?

Bullet's Inspection reveals inadequate napping area at first.

My inspection reveals inadequate napping area at first.

Note the key features of “MYSPACE”*

  • good napping spot within reach of volunteers working at the computer station for routine head pats
  • computer station readily available for my research needs
  • easy accessibility of the lobby so I can supervise
  • private lavatory facility
  • appropriate animal theme décor
  • constant availability of food and water
  • ability to accommodate multiple fans at one time
Correction of napping space deficiencies - testing in progress.

Correction of napping space deficiencies – testing in progress.

Thanks again to Deputy Donna and Deputy Charlene for setting up my space and making sure I have what I need and can share it with my fans.

Meowza, Bullet.

* Note that I have co-opted this old Facebook like entity for my own needs.

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A quick note to all my fans. New shelter GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, January 25, 2015. There is no celebration here at the new shelter tomorrow (Saturday, November 15th, 2014). The county had to make allowances for me as I am still catching up on my Handsome Sleep. Sorry, but it really needs to be a first rate proper celebration and the move really was more taxing than I thought. I can tell you my deputies have been busy getting pictures which I will share soon along with some stories. Although the big celebration is a ways off, feel free to come in and give me a pat on the head and visit or adopt one of our shelter residents.

MEOWZA – Bullet.

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