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HOME SWEET HOME – Time to nap

EDCASsign 5x4wYippeee!  Yippeeee! Yipeee! WE’VE MOVED IN, we’ve moved in. — OK sorry I am a bit giddy and over tired and even perhaps a bit confused from no sleep, the car ride and anxiety that my fans might not know where to find me. First things first. Me, shelter staff, Animal Services officers, the director and even the administrative staff are in our new home 6435 Capitol Ave. in Diamond Springs. First is was all the chaos of the King Fire and then all the staff and volunteers with their packing and cleaning and moving activities that have totally disrupted my “Handsome Sleep.” They even had to deliberately wake me up on several occasions to ask my advise about where to put some of the items. Anyway it was incredibly exhausting but as you canIMG_3580w see they found me a suitable napping spot at the front desk so I can greet my fans. We open in the morning. That will be THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th at 9:30am. Check the El Dorado County Animal Services Website for the shelter and administrative hours (I hear tell will be open at lunch now so my fans can stop by on their lunch hour.) and other details.

The grand opening has yet to be announced and things are still being completed around here but you can stop in and take a look at the lobby and give me a couple of nice head pats starting on the 16th.

I am a bit disappointed that there are not too many dogs in here yet and the barn is not quite ready for those horse types I will need to train but its all looking pretty good. Outside perimeter fencing is just beginning to go up but the walkway to visit me is in and today’s sky was a lovely blue.IMG_3579w

Inside Alli and Sara are putting up shelving and filling it with blankets and towels to keep all of my friends and me comfortable. There seems to be a room, a cupboard or nook or cranny for about everything. Tuesday the veterinary clinic and grooming equipment started to arrive. Two of the cool cat towers are already here along with some incredibly confusing kitten triplets that I cannot for the life of me tell apart.

Two of the triplets.

Two of the triplets.

After getting the volunteer computer up and running, one of my deputies (Deputy Donna) almost scared the little tykes to death making funny faces. The kittens not the deputy should be in next week’s Adopt A Pet Ad in the Mountain Democrat. PAWED volunteers were greeting people at the door this week so I could get some sleep. It will take staff and I a while to sort out everything here at the new place so please bear with us as we get all the kinks out and as I catch up on my sleep.

Deputy Donna playing with the kittens.

Deputy Donna playing with the kittens.

I hope you will all be as pleased and excited as I am to see this huge undertaking and milestone for Animal Services become a reality. That’s it until I am more rested. Meowza! – Bullet



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