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More parking for Bullet's fans.

More parking for Bullet’s fans.

As drywall and concrete board continues to go up, electrical wires are pulled and supply line plumbing is soldered in place the New Shelter is basically becoming a maze. My deputies report to me that there is so much progress being made and so many changes that it is really quite incredible.

First you will note that new parking has gone in for my many adoring fans. This will insure a steady stream of pats on the head and chin rubs between naps. I am sure there will be enough left over love from my fans to supply the same to puppies, dogs, other cats and kittens waiting at the New Shelter for adoption. The photography team is getting quite good at their craft and will work on my Portrait portfolio in the not to distant future I presume. (Still need to locate a Sheriff’s Star and Cowboy hat – Tom Mix style or Paladin?)


I think the little tykes would like to go up there what do you think?

Back to the New Shelter Stuff – Shelter staff and the El Dorado Watch Animal Lost and Found folks are still collecting funds at the shelter including that noisy spare change. They told me I will just have to put up with the noise for a while. I have acquiesced. —- My deputies have been instructed to continue to look for new places for the little tykes (kittens) to explore up in the duct work. Check out this really tall ladder. I think they would like to climb that, don’t you? Anyway there are lots of pictures to look at. I hope you enjoy my Deputy’s work.

Don’t forget that funds donated to the Shade Sails for the New Shelter are being matched $1 for $1 until July 11th only. The goal for the Shade Sails is $30,000. We still need $7000 in donations to reach it.

Some great people, who wish to remain anonymous, have provided funding for some of my Lovely Lady Friends at the Shelter to be adopted. I have included some of their pictures. I will miss them but at least I have some nice pictures to remember them by.

Sammy Girl was adopted.

Sammy Girl is a little disappointed that she can no longer spend her evenings sharing witty banter with Sheriff Bullet.

Momma Mia 4by3

I would always tell Mamma Mia she had the most lovely eyes.

You know how well black goes with everything, right? Well there are some awesome kittens due in next week. They are named after a Rugby Team – The New Zealand All Blacks under 20 team. Word has it that they purr an awful lot, so I don’t really want them at the shelter too long – that could interfere with my Handsome Sleep, which is just not acceptable. Pictures and more next post.

To close out I have more pictures and info on the New Shelter Construction. A crane was needed to move out the old air conditioner units (Thanks for the pics Tim), wall board is still going in all over the place turning what used to be one big room with a bunch of metal studs into a bunch of smaller rooms and creating the Maze or Labyrinth I was referring to.

Til Next Time – Meowza!


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Progress at the New Shelter Facility seems to be going at warp speed. Copper pipes now mix with silver toned metal studs to create and almostCopper pipesweb Steam Punk atmosphere in the place. Those pipefitting apparatus just ad to that. The actual rooms are really taking shape too, as the dry wall goes up. There are piles of the stuff stacked all over and they make a great platform for me to jump up on and survey the makings of my new domain, aah of the New Shelter.

Of considerable interest to me are these very tall ladders. The space they lead to seems to be rich in possible places to hide noisy kittens that won’t nap. These little ones take a lot of training, by me, to get them to recognize the sanctity and necessity of a proper afternoon nap. It’s tough work but some one has to put them to rights. So as a gaze up into the rafters and the ducting up there it seem like the little tikes

Ladder to the maze above.

Ladder to the maze above.

might enjoy some exploring of the maze, while I get some quality handsome sleep. Perhaps not but I think it might worth a try.

On a similar note I am glad to proclaim the FACEBOOK FRIENDS CAT TOWER spare change drive, by Sara at the shelter and the wonderful folks at El Dorado Watch Animal Lost and Found; and Beverly Williams & Laura Miner Clark a WONDERFUL success. They came up with over $2500 in spare change which was matched by PAWED for a $5000 total enough to by the two remaining cat towers.

That stuff (change) makes a heck of a lot of noise when people dump in the container. Once again disturbing my naptime. And while it is fantastic that we have met our goal for the cat towers I think any future drives should have either a different drop off spot, a good noised dampening system set up around them or they could do a dollar bill drive cause they are ever so much quieter.Orangekittens1

Other fundraising is going great as well. Currently the thermometer on the PAWED website shows the Finishing Touches Campaign at around $72,000 but the Spare Change drive has not been added yet. And over on CrowdRise there are some individual efforts to raise funds going on Check out another matching fund offered by Sierra Dogs. From this link you can donate to an existing page for New EDC West Slope Shelter or create a fundraiser of your own.

Last but not least if you can foster a kitten contact Sara at  or better yet adopt one, please stop by the shelter – I need more handsome sleep.


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At this point in time I am really glad I got my hard hat and construction garb. Over at the New Shelter site on Capitol Ave things are really

Seemingly infinitely tall walls climb toward the sky.

Seemingly infinitely tall walls climb toward the sky.

starting to get vertical. Compared with our cozy lobby here on Placerville Drive, the walls there seem to reach up into an endless void.  From a cat’s eye view about 12 inches off the floor the metal studs seem to literally go out of sight. The rooms are taking shape and there are endless cubbies, nooks and crannies for me to explore. Things are so busy I have had to hire on yet another deputy, Donna D. to help capture the activity. (That makes 3 Janice M., Lisa C. and Donna D.) – Reminder to self to go on internet tonight and find the perfect Cowboy hat and Sheriff’s Badge.


Sparks fly off the metal studs as they are cut to fit.

With all the sparks that fly from the cutting of the metal studs I am thinking I may need a special asbestos suit or better yet perhaps one of those special cool suits the NASCAR drivers wear to protect them from fire. It would just be incomprehensible if my most excellent fur were to be singed. Plus I think I would look incredibly handsome in one of those NASCAR get ups. —

Can you decipher the electrical hieroglyphics?

Can you decipher the electrical hieroglyphics?

In addition to the walls there are myriad twistings and turnings of duct work way up near the ceiling. This huge ducting is needed to keep all of the shelter denizens safe from respiratory infections. With kitten season “HERE” its pretty evident why this is so important. Healthy kittens are bad enough for me to have to play ‘patient Uncle’ to, let alone a snotty nose one. So I am personally overjoyed at this air handling capacity of the new shelter.

Electrical wires are also going in all over the building. I am not up on all the hieroglyphics of that trade yet but I did a little research late last night and found this handy “cheat sheet”. See if you can decipher the symbols in one of the electrical work pictures in the gallery.

Chart of electrical hieroglyphics.

Chart of electrical hieroglyphics.

IMG_7704wThere is another group of guys working on the Fire Sprinkler system. One guy fits the pipes on this fairly cool looking machine. They cut the pipes the right length, cut a new set of threads with the metal shavings being caught in a bucket below. They use a lot of oil when they do it so there are no sparks. It looks pretty messy, so not a job for me; grease does not go well with my fur. I think I am much better suited to a supervisor’s role.

The doors have arrived but not yet the door jams. And soon the drywall will start to go up. It is all so exciting it is inspiring me to work on my grand opening speech and my tour guide routine as I am sure they will ask me to be a spokes model for our furrrever shelter.

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