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Well last week I deputized a new assistant, Janice. Seems like with all the activity on the Finishing Touches Campaign (Hey go look you can see some progress on our thermometer at the top of the PAWED webpage now.), cool new Adopt a Pet photos and even now video’s of adoptables my existing deputy was stretched a tad thin. When the deputies are not taking the time to stop in, have a chat with me and proffer up a few quality head pats you know you need to add some man power, or in this case woman power. An frankly I’m not getting My Handsome sleep these days with the internet researching for new clothing, personnel interviews but mostly disturbing my naps with the fancy new portrait set up for Adopt a Pet photos. I agree that the results are stunning but really at nap time?BooBoo

And I guess I need to get some badges or something. Maybe I’ll look on the internet this week. I could get a nice shiny badge that says “Sheriff Bullet” and maybe a cool cowboy hat to go with my hard hat. Just a thought – I always liked westerns and may have to watch some soon. Perhaps there is a market for a line of cat-themed westerns staring Bullet the one-eyed Cat:

  • A Fist Full of Cat Treats
  • For a Few Cat Treats More
  • The Good, The Bad and the Handsome (me)Ouchy Frank
  • The Cheyenne Social Club – It is already about a Cat House so no need to change the title.
  • Paint Your Wagon already has a guy named Cat Balou in it so that is good, and we could modify the story line to focus on the unsung hero cats of the gold rush that kept rats and mice under control.

Enough on that lets get back to Deputy Janice and the new Shelter construction progress.

Last week and this week they are pouring concrete. For those of you that are not quite as knowledgeable as old Bullet, it is concrete and not cement. Cement is the powdery stuff they use to make concrete. Concrete is cement, water and gravel and some sand all mixed together. So they are doing pours now and I think you will agree it really spiffed up the place and Janice and did a fantastic job capturing it all.

First the big trucks and the concrete pumpers pull in. They flow and pump the liquid rock into an area. Workers in rubber boots with shovels are next. They spread it and get the stuff into all the nooks, crannies and corners. Nest come the floaters who do a rough leveling. Then finish workers smooth and texture if needed. 18 Arriving concrete 18 rebar1 19 rebar2 20 Pour1 21 pumped Concrete 22 rubber boot guys 23 trowel1 24 zat is all 25 IMG_4742w

I just heard from the site manager that the next phase will definitely require me to use my hard hat. They are shifting upward to work in the ceiling area next; ducting and more plumbing. Then about the third week of may they have planned to start working on the walls. Its really getting exciting don’t you think?

On a final note I was very pleased to see Boo Boo and Ouchy Frank find their perfect furrever homes this week. A couple of deserving, cool cats. Not quite as cool as myself but definitely cool. Well the sun is starting to hit my basket right now so I am signing off to take advantage of some quality nap time.

Meowza! Bullet


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New Shelter – Dirt

Just the Right Look

Just the Right Look

With my PPE properly fitted I was now allowed to visit the New Animal Services Facility on Friday the 11th;  and have my people get some photos for you so I could properly keep you updated on the progress there. (Thank you “site manager Dan” for the assistance on such short notice – Purrfectly splendid.)

Construction started back on March 17th. The initial stages involved, as you know, cutting the concrete and preparing trenches for the installation of proper drainage. The special under drain I suggested has arrived – it is the grey deep U-shaped pipe in the images. As you can see in the gallery images the dirt is piled almost to the ceiling in places, trenching and drain installation is well under way. Although I assured them that I was certified to drive the small tractor on site personnel there said they did not need anything but shovel work done today so I left that to other more suited to manual labor than myself. I thought some one might give me a ride in the wheel barrow or let me use the electric chisel too but alas it was not to be and besides the wheel barrow was full of dirt and I did not want to muss my new PPE.

IMG_4699wDan personally updated my team specifying that the drain installation will continue for the next couple of weeks. Next will come a series of 3-4 concrete pours to get the floor back in order. Dan also showed me the site for the new barn facility and my team got a couple of PRE images in response to his excellent suggestion.

Dan said that he might have some work I can do utilizing the small tractor next visit.

As the project moves forward don’t forget that you can see the site plan at the PAWED website here, and you can contribute to the comfort and well being of the shelter animals by helping out with the Finishing Touches Campaign – details here. That’s it for now I have to go do some internet research on the proper mixing ratio for cement, aggregate, sand and water for the foundation – oh yah and Dan said he needed info on concrete cure times too. That and about the 21st I should have the next installment of the preparedness information ready for you. Sure hope I can get some quality sleep with all this activity and research.

(Ghost writer side note addition – Bullet is subject to flights of fancy and romantic notions on occasion so please apply a bit of suitable absorbent cat litter if needed.)

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Image IS Everything

Just the Right Look

Just the Right Look

OK, I know, I have been away for 3 weeks plus a bit. My personal protective equipment (PPE) for the construction site finally came in. But, first I had to go to the tailor to get it fitted and then there were some portrait sittings to get just the right look, with the helmet at the right angle, the right look on my face etc. As you will see I was in luck because the Shelter Staff and PAWED Photographers just went through some super duper training over at the Animal Shelter in Amador County and then some follow up work here at our shelter on Placerville Drive. The workshop put on by the Shelter Art Foundation was FREE and they donated over $600 worth of studio equipment to help get great photos of our adoptables. Naturally they all insisted that I be a model for them when they were here at our shelter. I obliged as I know my fans would be disappointed if they did not see how stunning a handsome dude like me looks under these conditions.
There is a little gallery attached here with some pics of yours truly and a few others for comparison. That said you will notice how great this set up makes even the most scruffy of our adoptables look. You can see the “New Look for the New Shelter” in the Friday Mountain Democrat, on the PetHarbor pages for our El Dorado Animal Services, on the PAWED Facebook page, on El Dorado County Animal Services Facebook page and here on my Blog which will feature some of the out take photos. Myself, the other animals, the PAWED photographers and the shelter staff all want to send out a major thank you to Debb Cobb of the Shelter Art Foundation (and her polite canine Abbey) for taking us to the next level.


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