So, I was supposed to tell my “adoring fans” more about the New Shelter construction on Monday. Well now it is Wednesday. But before they will let me take a look at the site, the powers that be insist that I have a hard hat. Do you know how difficult it is to find one to fit me? And Monday and Tuesday I was helping with Adopt a Pet photos of some of the lovely lady cats available for adoption at the shelter this week. The other guy cats can fend for themselves right now but I have just the right stuff to make the ladies’ eyes sparkle for the camera. You can take a look at their portraits on the PAWED Facebook page here.

So anyway it got to Tuesday afternoon and I was like whoops I forgot to post. But after all my hard work “helping” I needed a nice nap. Fortunately I was able to log on and find some appropriate attire. Shelter staff says I will look fabulous. Since I look great in pretty much anything including a bow tie I have to agree with them.

Hard Hat for Plush Toys

Hard Hat for Plush Toys

In case you did not look at  the New Shelter  Construction Kick-off article. I have linked it here. The highlights are that the construction bid was awarded to D. G. Granade of Shingle Springs. When the project managers stopped in to consult with me on the cat rooms they divulged that construction should be underway around March 17th.  That is less than a week away. The first phase will involve a lot of concrete dust as they chisel out the concrete to install the appropriate plumbing and drainage. “I” stressed how crucial this is for the maintenance of a clean healthy shelter. Fortunately “they” were in complete agreement with me.

Once the dust settles and I have my proper PPE (That is Personal Protective Equipment for those not as versed as myself in construction lingo.) I should be able to share some photos of the goings on over at the shelter site. In the mean time I will share with you the BARN PLANS. PAWED’s Finishing Touches Campaign has launched but still has some details to be sorted out. For now if you want to help you can donate a Kuranda Dog Bed here or make a Donation to the New Shelter Fund on this pageShelter Barn ElevationsDrawing

As the PAWED website is undergoing some maintenance I have agreed to post the Photo Gallery from the Kick-off  here on my blog page. All Photos by Eden Halbert, Janice Marques & Lisa S. Couper, DVM  –

I was not able to attend as I was getting my Handsome Sleep. – Going to get some now. – Bullet Signing off. More Preparedness next week.

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