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PAWED Volunteers

OK so with the rain I could not sleep very well last night. Not sure if was from being so excited about our New Home (Shelter) Construction Kick-Off or if it was the nightmare I had where I became a senile yowling cat. Horrible – not gonna happen. Anyway, I get all poetic when this happens so here you go:

PAWED Volunteers  by Bullet

 Gentle, caring, cleaners
Warm lap, warm heart, security
Firm hand, fair, teacher
Walker, cuddler, friend
Familiar voice, familiar face, familiar smell.
 Remember animals at the shelter
See you as all these things and so much more.
 Thank YOU – from the animals.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I go all sappy too. Rain still today. Its gonna be impossible to get a good nap without some sun. Shelter staff says we need the rain. Maybe we could just have rain at night so I could get a quality nap during the day. – Til next time. — Bullet


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First try at a "selfie" was a little weak.

First try at a “selfie” was a little weak.

As we move forward into 2014; a new year and a new shelter, I think we should all work on our disaster preparedness. I am updating my image in preparation for the new shelter so I made some attempts at a “SELFIE”. A bit rough but I will work on that. For your pets you should have a picture of you and your human caretaker in the same image so that in the event of a disaster you don’t end up permanently stranded in the care of others.

Second Attempt at a "selfie" was a little better.

Second Attempt at a “selfie” was a little better.

Get busy on those pictures and vaccine and health records. I expect them to be in your “GO BAG” by the middle of March. Please share your progress with me in the comment section at the end of each blog. If you have any great tips or words of wisdom for others, please share. By the time I move into My New Shelter I want us all to be disaster ready.  — Bullet

PS – In my next post I will share with you, an opportunity to be in reality TV. It is a part for an overweight cat – thus I was not eligible for the roll, being such a svelt cat and all.

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I must confess to having been severely depressed due to a lack of visits from my ghost writer among other things. But that great dream I had the end of January inspired me and as you can see I am writing again. The current shelter seems to have finally cleared of the overabundance of kittens and the “request for bids” for the EDC West Slope Animal Shelter project completion has gone out. Rumor has it that there was a good response and we should be hearing something about it by the end of the month. – Yippee KiYeah Cow Patty!!! as the song goes. Uh Sorry to get a bit over excited about something other than cat treats and head pats but this is exciting. The project is slated for completion in the 3rd quarter of 2014. You can see the shelter floor plan by clicking here – New West Slope Animal Shelter.  And the close up of the most important part – New Shelter Cat Rooms.

Specs on some possible new furnishings for my new place.

Specs on some possible new furnishings for my new place.

PAWED and new shelter advocates have been working toward this for 8 long years. As the shelter project progresses I hope to update you at least monthly. I have included the specs on some new furnishings I am looking at. They are kind of expensive – but I AM worth it and they can be disinfected so I don’t get any nasty little cat germs from the little mosters (kittens) when they start arriving in the spring.

Tomorrow I’ll kick off Valentines day with a blog on disaster preparedness. — BULLET

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