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El Dorado County West Slope Animal Shelter Major Milepost

Today the purchase agreement for the new building has made official at the EDC Board of Supervisors!!!!! YIPPEEEE!

Uh. Oh. Er. Meow. I got a bit excited there.

A big apology to my followers out there. This whole shelter thing on El DoradoCounty’s west slope has really gotten to me. Not knowing if your are going to have a home a year or so down the road really play’s on your mind especially when you are a cat, we are supposed to sleep 20 hours a day and thinking about it has been disturbing my sleep. With the good news from this morning’s El Dorado County Board of Supervisors meeting that the contract for our new home location had been signed I am perking up and feeling like writing again. I must say that I will welcome the additional space especially if we see the volume of young whipper-snappers that we saw go through the shelter this past summer. Gads there were a lot of kittens here.

I’ve recruited some new help to provide me with updates on the progress of the shelter and I will share with you what I can in the upcoming months as things move forward. In January some new supervisors come on board so I hope things move forward smoothing through the transition.

I gotta say that Brent has done a bang up job to finally get this thing moving forward again. And huge thanks to Barb and Charlene for their ceaseless efforts to get us a new home.

Dapper Cat Bullet in his Christmas Bow Tie.

Dapper Cat Bullet in his Christmas Bow Tie.

In the next couple of weeks I will post some photos of the site. And I may have some other news to announce too.

On another front check out my Christmas bowtie. It scares the fish in the fishbowl when I check their water but other than that it is a definite plus. Please stop by the shelter to see it in person, give me a pat or six on the head, maybe a treat and thank the shelter staff and wish them a Happy Holiday Season.


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