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Monday April 9, 2012 “Pit”y Litter(s)

Monday April 9, 2012

11 Pit bull puppies headed into foster care with PAWED Volunteer Janice

Today I have a “pit”y litter section for my dog-blog. 11 little pity puppies only 12 days old went into foster housing today along with their mom Lucy. A great PAWED volunteer, Janice will be seeing to their needs and providing them with a wonderful home environment. My ghost writer got a few pictures for you today as they were leaving. And that’s not the only “pit”y litter today. A bunch of 8 week old puppies just arrived from their foster home with Carolynn, another PAWED volunteer, so they can be neutered/spayed tomorrow and go up for adoption. Just take a look at some of them. SOOO CUTE. – Did I just say that? Not to cool but very true.

8 week old puppy shows its appreciation the best it knows how.

I can not begin to tell you how appreciative I am that the PAWED volunteers and staff see to it that these puppies get into private homes while they start the process of growing up. The number of pets I get is inversely proportional to the number of cute little puppies in the shelter. In other words the more of them there are the less attention I get.  (It’s kind of obvious I was reading someone’s algebra book that was left near my cage last night – it did help me fall asleep though.)

A young girl looks longingly at some of the puppies that will be spayed/neutered on Tuesday; and available for adoption on Wednesday this week.

I also want to thank PAWED volunteers Lois and Cindy who where helping out at the shelter today. They got to visit with a visiting schnauzer-terrier-dachshund (schnauterdach???) dog named Valentino who is happily living in his forever home in Mosquito and just stopped in for a visit along with his people. Its cool when the volunteers and staff get to see the success stories – it makes them smile and then they pet me more too.)

Emily was also in again teaching cats to cuddle. Great work guys.

I also tested the aquarium water and sharpened my claws before my nap so all in all it was another successful day at the El Dorado County West Slope Animal Shelter.

Gotta stay prepared in case the Bogey-man shows up at night.


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Friday, April 6, 2012

The dog-blog section is coming up but first some updates on kitties. The special adoption discount at the shelter, for cats, is helping. Butterscotch has been adopted and Jacob has moved to theSouth Lake Tahoeshelter. Simba however is still needs to be adopted. He’s a nice chap so we are hoping he finds some one pretty soon.


First, let me tell you that the Foster Parents for the shelter are pretty amazing. The newish shelter volunteer Donovan has taken in a dog called Evelyn to get her healthy so she is adoptable. There will be a story about the two of them in PAWED’s next newsletter which comes out the end of May.

And… I just learned through our excellent volunteer trainer Kelly that Sierra is keeping some high falutin’ company as her foster home is the PAWED president. Sierra is this great and loving hound that needs some special help for her eye problems. The president even took her on a nice “sight seeing” tour to Rocklin. You gotta keep these hounds on the right track if you know what I mean. Any way major thankyous are being heard around the kennel for these special needs critters.

Every one around here does a great job finding forever homes for the barky types (and the purry ones too). Dori and Nemo are a couple of cool German Short Haired Pointers. They are really fit and they are both youngsters in my book (about 3 years). It is my considered opinion that they would make great running, walking or jogging mates for you active types out there. Me I am more suited to “occupying the couch” or an available sunny spot or some light work aerating the fish bowl and testing the water. Don’t blame me if I mixed up Dori and Nemo. I am a cat and your just lucky that I even got the breed right. – All those dogs look the same to me – barks and has non-retractable claws = DOG.


Tuck on the other hand is a smaller model dog. Being a poodle mix he has the curly locks thing going for him and is another youngster at just 2 years. He seems a quiet friendly little guy. He was just headed out for a walk with the PAWED volunteers when I saw him today.

Annie has been in the shelter a while. She is a quiet lab mix. She has short easy to keep hair that is a lovely shade of tan with a few white highlights. She would be much happier in her own home where she can nap in peace – she prefers the only child gig to having a bunch of siblings.

And last but not least is Gannon. He is absolutely sweet as pie. He is a big boy at about 70# and only 10 months old right now. He is tan with some subtle dark bits that come from his Akita heritage. Rumor has it he loves kids. I have it well documented that his tongue works really really well. Again, I am only just learning about this dog stuff but I suspect he’s gonna make a great companion for a person willing to teach him the ropes and provide the proper guidance.

Please get over to the shelter and check these guys out. Its fine to go back to the kennel to see them but don’t forget me, Bullet, I need some pets on the head and a treat too for all my hard work. After all I do have to test out these dogs for you and hold down furniture that is sitting in the sun out in the front office.


Signed – Bullet the cat with the unique PURRRRSPECTIVE

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Videos are up. Not great but what do you expect from a one eyed cat with no thumbs who is just learning how to do this? Jacob & Blair Simba and Butterscotch

Outside the shelter

It has been pointed out recently that PURRRhaps I lack a little purrrspective on the canine point of view. They say write what you know – the humans do at least – so I am going to spend some time now watching PBS, The Dog Whisperer and reading Uncle Matty’s column. I already watched the PBS program on the evolution of dogs. Purrrsonal experience for me has been mixed but I will quit watching the HISSStory channel and focus on the canine contingency at the kennel. Pooch interviews will commence this week so check back soon for some updates on shelter doggie doings. Next thing you know you’ll want me to interviews on roosters, gerbils and other kitty playthings. This is going to take some readjustment. Lots of adoring fans stopping by with treats and at least a pet or two would be very HELPFUL to put me in the right frame of mind.

Signed – Bullet the cat with the unique PURRRRSPECTIVE.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012 – Strike and Dip revealed

A lot has happened since I blogged last – way back in January.

My Deputies, Strike and Dip, have gone on to do private secutity work in homes that Animal Outreach found for them. So, since they are no longer doing under cover work, other than some cuddling,  I can now report to you their real names were Frida – like the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo (bio here, and Izzie, like the Chilean writer Isabel Allende (bio here – Can you tell I’ve been watching PBS and surfing the internet during off hours? Don’t tell the staff, please. – Before the girls retired they reported in that Animal Outreach’s services and personnel were stellar. They (kitties Frida and Izzie) also now no longer have to worry about having an unwanted litter of kittens – that is to say they had their OVH, or spay, surgery and healed up really fast. They even got trendy little kitty tattoos at the incision to make sure that they never need surgery to check and see if they are spayed.

The El Dorado County West Slope Animal Hotel, ah, Shelter is currently a bit over booked. That is to say we have too many cats in this place. A little company is nice a lot is not. And in my opinion they need some new lodging. It gets a bit old when relatives overstay their welcome, if you know what I mean. So I have learned to sort of run the video option on my little camera. I will tell you a bit about each of them, and you can check out the videos for yourself when I post them tomorrow.

They all do take after me a bit as they are handsome devils and enjoy petting as well. They are all a bit older so there are some funds to help out with the adoption fees. If you are a senior yourself there is further fee assistance.

Let me tell you about them. Jacob has short cropped hair and is dark and handsome with a few gray accent marks. He is friendly and quite quick to purr. He is a 5 year old neutered male. He is currently in an apartment with a younger gal named Blair who has medium length jet black hair – lucky guy.

The other two guys I need to tell you about both look a bit like me. That is to say they have short hair and are both orange with tabby highlights. They do not have my striking white patches but I think you will still find them both pretty handsome neutered males. Butterscotch is 11 and easy going. He loves kids, dogs and would make a marvelous lap cat. Even though he is 11 he has great pearly white teeth. Simba is his apartment mate. – Clearly Jacob got the better deal.- Simba is only 7 years young, neutered and very loving. He also has beautiful pearly whites, is neutered and enjoys being petted. He is a bit more shy than Butterscotch but still a great guy.

Please stop by the Animal Shelter and say hi to me and the boys and girls – and maybe take one of them home. More space for me and they will be happier – trust me I’m a cat.

One last thing before I sign out. PAW the Vote for Animal Outreach of the Mother Lode Starting at Noon on April 5th and keep voting until the 16th of April

Signed – Bullet the cat with the unique PURRRRSPECTIVE.

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