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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hope everyone had a delightful holiday season. Everyone here at the Shelter is beaming about the new walk on scale PAWED members Michael and Jamie got for us. I am not so sure about it though. If I avoid walking on it out of curiosity (hard thing for a cat to do) then I can continue to lie about my weight. This is gonna be tough. At least I still have that new fish tank to drink out of… someone has to make sure the fish get their exercise – right?

I think the last critter of the year to be adopted in 2011 was Boo an all black female cat adopted as part of the Home for the Holidays program who was adopted on the 31st of December.

There has been quite a bit of traffic through here on a lovely Friday afternoon. One of the officers brought in an all black cocka-pug or some such. Lily the Basset hound is lounging out front getting some quality time with the shelter staff and Shelter volunteer Emily is doing what she does best. Emily teaches the kitties (young and old) how to cuddle properly. Brad the black and white tuxedo cat matches her sweater purrfectly and he has become such an expert at snuggling. So much so that he found a new home with Michaela today, lucky guy.

Emily happily switched over to Celeste, the short haired, all black spayed female. Celeste is about 2 ½ years old and so soft and cuddly that she won’t be here long either. I have a theory that Emily’s pets make our cat fur just that much softer. Thank you Emily for all that you do.

Through her lessons Baby has gotten a new home with Corbin today too.

That’s it for this week. Next week more adventures with Strike and Dip and I may reveal their real names – maybe – I’m a cat so I could change my mind or maybe just give you clues. – Til next week. – Bullet


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