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December 15, 2011

I have deputized my first undercover agents. They go by the codes names “Strike and Dip”. Like Rosencranz and Guildenstern I have no idea which is which but they report together so it is kind of irrelevant. These guys are young, about 7 weeks old, but they get around and do some fine reporting. They are private fosters right now. Their early history is more than a bit sketchy but my agent picked them up at the Falcon Crest Trail Head onSalmon Falls Road. They are sisters and some one dumped them there. They report that is was so cold overnight that the milk some one left for them had ¾ inch of ice on it and the turkey pieces off of a pizza were so frozen as to be inedible. Their best recollection is that they were out there for 3-4 days and getting pretty skinny before my agent was able to meet up with them. They definitely had some rough times as one of them had a broken jaw making it pretty tough to eat.

Well my agent, code name Yak, and her hiking partner D took action and found them a safe room some miles away. It was warm, clean and safe and they were happy for the accommodations. As they needed to go to Animal Outreach for some vaccines and jaw work I sent they on their first assignment today. Some of it is a bit fuzzy due to the anesthetic and all. Kind of important if your having your jaw wired to repair it. They people there were all friendly and caring. It was really busy but they still found time to fix the deputy’s jaw and get a whole passel of kittens and cats spayed and neutered today.

Really want to thank the surgeon for putting my girls in good order again. Their next undercover operation will be in January. They may post some You tube videos of their antics over the Holidays though. Stay tuned.


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December 11, 2011

Usually it is pretty quiet around the Shelter on a Sunday and I can get some serious handsome sleep, but not today. PAWED – that is People for Animal Welfare in El DoradoCounty– was here to train 17 yes 17 new volunteers. Let’s just say there were people everywhere doing all kinds of stuff and clearly it was not a time to nap. I don’t know much about technology other than the computer and projector things produce quite a bit of hot air and make a great place for napping if things are actually quiet. Anyway they had a computer and this big fabric thing that they showed pictures on that came out of this other heat emitting devise that was white. It was not very interesting to me but the humans seemed to like it and hey that’s 17 more laps for me to sit in and 34 more sets of hands to pet me so life is lookin’ pretty good. Next week I go on the hunt for some deputies to roam the county for me and report in on fosters, Animal Outreach and adopted pets that are livin’ the good life in their new homes.

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December 6, 2011

For today I though I would give you a cat’s eye view from my basket and a look at my night time safe house where the boogey man cannot get me while I sleep here in the shelter. The shelter staff tell us stories about this scary ghost dude that cruises the shelter after closing to convince us we need the safety these provide. I think it’s a ruse but hey I sleep more soundly.

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November 16, 2011

Making my self handsome

Doc (The PAWED VP) was so impressed yesterday that she was back to take Alli’s and my picture, after I took care of an itchy spot and made myself presentable. Check out the pictures. Don’t miss me in the Fall PAWED Newsletter (Alli is there too). I’ll get my writer to post the link when its ready. I really need to get some beauty sleep now to impress the customers they expect a lot out of me ho hum – nap time. Oh yeah enjoy a couple of photos while I nap. Life at the West Slope Shelter is just grand.

No I did not get into some one elses cat food or donuts last night - hiss. Just a little itch.

Alli the new shelter supervisor and Bullet

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November 15, 2011

Today I impressed the heck out of Dr. Couper (the PAWED VP). She was at the shelter to interview Alli the new ‘cat lap’ and Supervisor around here. Doc was impressed with my fishbowl aeration technique as well as my water level adjustments. During the interview I had two great laps to sit in and got my head rubbed almost enough. This was all well and good but the way I impressed her was to gracefully and quickly negotiate the 6 feet of cages from the floor to my afternoon napping spot in my basket atop the lobby cages. Kittens eat your heart out. Bullet rules this place purrfectly.
Oh, You may have noticed my blog pages have been a bit empty of late. Turns out my original ghost writer had to take a leave of absence for a while at least. – She is adapting to a new job and a change in housing arrangements. – I hope I never have to change jobs, but new digs are hopefully in my not to distant future. Saw the road improvement plans for the new shelter at the El Dorado Y. No its not a done deal yet but at least its moving forward. Check out for the latest news on todays meeting.
Anyway I digress, thinking about the future can be pretty difficult and stressful for us cats. So anyway after a brief interview I found myself a new ghost writer. We were able to negotiate a good price for her to be allowed the honor – some special diet treats, some lap sitting and some petting – purrr – and after some training I think she will be at least passable. With her busy schedule and mine the posts will be a bit less frequent but at least I can have someone to speak my mind until my first ghost writer can return.


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