Tuesday – 08-30-11

Hello my fans!!  I must tell you that it is sometimes tough finding an opportunity where I can get in front of the computer to write my post because shelter staff are often busy using it. No, no, I’m not complaining.  (Hiss!)  I’m sure they realize how important my work here is.  See…I’m smiling. 🙂   Honestly though, I know that I am very well-loved and I truly believe that our customers would be completely lost if I didn’t jump up on the counter to help them fill out their paperwork.  And it’s just a job perk for me that the pen used by our clientele makes for a wonderful face and neck scratcher!  Oh, yeah! *shaking head up and down*


Don't I look handsome waiting for my turn to use the PC?

We’ve had lots of kittens adopted the last few days, including Betty, Diva, Calvin, Hobbes, Stinky (I know that just doesn’t seem right for a name…I’m just sayin’), Spider, Iggy and Duke. Meow-zah! And as for adult kitties, well, “Joonie” who originally came in with her kittens and was fostered with one of our officers went home. “Scooby” the kitty that was once returned because he bullied his original adopter’s dog (for shame!) went to a new home without dogs (and never will there be as long as he has any say-so). There was also the adoption of “Snowflake,” and, kitty-roll…PLEEEAAASE… “Peaches” AND “Baby!” Woo-hoo! Doin’ the kitty-jig now! – Meow-zah!! Finally after being here since way back in May! Peaches and Baby have found their forever homes!! I am so thrilled to see that there is always hope if we are but patient. *Sigh* I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. *sniffle*

We now have two bunnies up for adoption, “Bugsy” the one I spoke of in an earlier post and now a brown, lop-eared bunny (both of which have alluring, twitchy noses). Also adopted the last few days were “Casey” a young brindle pitbull, “Beau” and “Suzie” a couple of lab/corgi mixes, “Lola” AKA “Inky” another pitbull with some very striking eyes and seven other dogs.  Personally, I would call the last week a pretty successful week!


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