Wednesday – 08-17-11

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty…” Really?  This woman who comes into the shelter wants me to get up from my comfy spot and walk over to her for attention? Let me think about that for a moment.  Hmmm… OK! What can I say? I love being scratched and pet. 🙂  Anyway, based on the heat of the sunshine coming through the windows it feels like it’s starting to heat up outside again.  More kittens adopted! In fact, 13 more kittens adopted. Meow-zah! Say goodbye to Elam, Rocco, Elke, Tweedle, Dee, Smudgy, Bomba, Dasher, Frankie, Lexus, Lotus, Ben and Jerry. *deep gasping breath*  Honestly I think it’s a wonder we don’t run out of names!  It’s a good thing the kittens’ foster parents get to name these cuties because we start running out of ideas. 😉

“Hershey” the German Shepherd mix that was adopted from our shelter a little over a year ago was returned to us.  We were told that he unfortunately couldn’t refrain from shall we say… “terrorizing” the household cats.  His need to fixate on the cats was preventing them from performing their mouse-catching duties and maintained hidden in the owner’s garage instead. But despite the fact that Hershey’s owner reluctantly returned him to the shelter and kindly opted to pay for his next adoption, he ended up getting adopted the very next day without the adopters knowing of the pre-paid adoption arrangement ahead of time.

I should also mention that yesterday was surgery day here and although I hate to brag (well that not really true, but…) we actually spayed and neutered 24 animals!  Meow-zah!  Almost all were cats, but still!! I’m proud to say that we do great work around here. 🙂  Anyway, I must get back to my nap for now, but don’t forget to keep your own pets cool when these temperatures rise.


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