Monday – 08-15-11

*Yawn!* Oh it’s another Monday and I feel extra tired from the weekend for some reason. Maybe it’s the fact that we are still short-staffed.  I can even see the tiredness in our staff’s eyes. The work of silent heroes can be ever so tiresome, but our animals are so dependent on us and the care we give them.  ~ We’ve had 9 kittens get adopted recently. They included Zola, Peach, Bandit, Yarus, Scout, Buddy, Almond and the two older kittens, Scooby and Perry. This is good because we need all the kitty space we can get. It seems every time kitty space comes available more kitties come in! We felines are such fertile creatures. 😉 That’s why it’s so important you get your kitty either spayed or neutered to help keep the unwanted population down.

We had several dog adoptions recently, including, guess who?? YES! Our sweet boy Victor!! Yeah baby!! Hurray for Victor! Although I feel lazier than usual today, I still get that warm and fuzzy feeling in my feline heart when knowing one of my dog pals went to a permanent home. *Sigh* Finally the right home and it seems to be working out splendidly too!  🙂

A stray rabbit by the name of “Bugsy” was brought in and I must admit that every time I see his nose twitch, his ears move, or his cute little hops, my eye becomes just a little dilated with excitement… Oh what fun Bugsy and I could have if only given the chance.  I can’t help it and I would never do anything inappropriate, but I’m thinking ‘cat toy’? Okay, maybe not…


"Bugsy" the Rabbit


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