Monday – 08-08-11

Meow-zah! “Parker” the Chihuahua finally got adopted! Fortunately for him, his adoption was paid for by a PAWED member.  Those PAWED members never cease to amaze me! They have shown to have great big hearts and make such a huge impact on the lives of my companion animal friends here at the shelter AND out in our community.  In fact, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but PAWED even took their big mobile clinic to Georgetown, CA where they spent a day with many volunteers providing spay and neuter services to dogs for only $10!  Double meow-zee!! I sure wish I could have been there to see that because I heard it was so incredibly successful that they will be doing it again in a couple weeks!!  I did hear some of the volunteers talking about needing some fleece blankets (4′ x 5′) for use in future clinics to pad the bottom of crates and cover recovering dogs. So if you have some you are willing to donate, you could drop them off at the PAWED office. I’m sure they would really appreciate it.

PAWED Mobile Clinic in Georgetown

PAWED's Big Mobile Clinic Parked in Georgetown

Meow! Guess I digressed a bit. 😉  Anyway, we just had a few of the most adorable Jack Russel Terrier mix puppies (Lucy, Jack and Diane) get adopted. Yippee! And the sweet pitbull “Davine” that recently got put on medical hold after getting sick is now ‘released’ from medical hold by the vet.  But something really ‘cat-cool’ happened…her foster family decided to adopt her. Woo-hoo for Davine! I’m quite sure it was her natural charm oozing with sweetness! Her new name is Dagny and I’m so glad that she found her forever home! ~ “Victor” the playful and smart lab mix was also adopted too, but sadly he was returned because his adoptive sister apparently didn’t like him playing with toys. 😦 And if anybody knows Victor, well they know he’s a dog that loves to play with toys. You know, the kind of dog with owners that love going to pet stores without walking out with a new toy as payment for receiving that ‘canine-smile’ of sheer joy they get in return! I’m really keeping my paws crossed that he finds his permanent forever home soon because he really is nice boy (for a dog anyway) and loves to ‘please’ if you play with him.

Victor Needs a Home!


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