Friday – 08-05-11

Happy Feline Friday!! I just thought I would call it that since we’ve had a good number of kittens and cats adopted. Besides, it made the day sound more ‘special’ – don’t you think? “Feline Friday!” Haha! 🙂  More adult cats were adopted, including Van Gogh! Hurray! Time for the kitty-jig!! Oh yeah…uh-huh!  This was actually his second time too because his first adoption didn’t work out very well.  Apparently he didn’t like his original adopter’s dog. Imagine that?! :-/  Hmph! And you know, not that I’m superstitious or anything or even believe we cats have nine lives (we’re just really amazing), but sometimes I do think things happen for a reason. As in the case of my friend Van Gogh here.

Van Gogh the Cat

Van Gogh the Cat

He got adopted again and will not just be someone’s pet, but a real life mascot!! You know that “Floors to Go” place on Placerville Drive? Not that I’ve ever been there, but I heard that’s where Van Gogh will now be working as their mascot!! How ‘cat-cool’ is that?! Now make no mistake that although I call it work, I’m sure it’s kind of like the work I do around here. You know, sort of oversight work and keeping things calm and cool through example of my own behavior. 😉 Anyway, if you want to visit him, head over there to say ‘hi’ sometime. I’m sure he would love it!

We also had the adult kitties “Mumzy” and “Tammy” adopted. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see them find their own forever homes. Mumzy actually came to our shelter originally with the kitten “Meekan.” And Tammy, wow…she was one exotic looking feline that has been here sine May! She was a little out of my league, but she finally found a forever home of her own too! She was adopted once before, but it just wasn’t a good fit.  Tammy liked it a bit rough (playing with other kitties that is). Not all kitties like to play as rough as she does so she was returned. I’m keeping my paws crossed for her this time around that her new forever home will be a good fit for her and her new family.  Finding the right relationship for a new pet and existing pets in a home can sometimes take time, just like any relationship. We pets have different personalities and temperaments just like people.

We also had “Molly” a mommy cat that came in with her three kittens who were already adopted some time ago find her new forever home. She’s been here since the end of June. And finally, some of the black kittens (Elmer, Milly and Tilly) got adopted.  For some reason, we find that black kittens have a more difficult time finding homes than kittens of other color. It doesn’t seem quite fair, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. I’m just grateful they got adopted too! So I’ll say it again to all my fans and friends out there…Happy Feline Friday!!


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