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Tuesday – 08-30-11

Hello my fans!!  I must tell you that it is sometimes tough finding an opportunity where I can get in front of the computer to write my post because shelter staff are often busy using it. No, no, I’m not complaining.  (Hiss!)  I’m sure they realize how important my work here is.  See…I’m smiling. 🙂   Honestly though, I know that I am very well-loved and I truly believe that our customers would be completely lost if I didn’t jump up on the counter to help them fill out their paperwork.  And it’s just a job perk for me that the pen used by our clientele makes for a wonderful face and neck scratcher!  Oh, yeah! *shaking head up and down*


Don't I look handsome waiting for my turn to use the PC?

We’ve had lots of kittens adopted the last few days, including Betty, Diva, Calvin, Hobbes, Stinky (I know that just doesn’t seem right for a name…I’m just sayin’), Spider, Iggy and Duke. Meow-zah! And as for adult kitties, well, “Joonie” who originally came in with her kittens and was fostered with one of our officers went home. “Scooby” the kitty that was once returned because he bullied his original adopter’s dog (for shame!) went to a new home without dogs (and never will there be as long as he has any say-so). There was also the adoption of “Snowflake,” and, kitty-roll…PLEEEAAASE… “Peaches” AND “Baby!” Woo-hoo! Doin’ the kitty-jig now! – Meow-zah!! Finally after being here since way back in May! Peaches and Baby have found their forever homes!! I am so thrilled to see that there is always hope if we are but patient. *Sigh* I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now. *sniffle*

We now have two bunnies up for adoption, “Bugsy” the one I spoke of in an earlier post and now a brown, lop-eared bunny (both of which have alluring, twitchy noses). Also adopted the last few days were “Casey” a young brindle pitbull, “Beau” and “Suzie” a couple of lab/corgi mixes, “Lola” AKA “Inky” another pitbull with some very striking eyes and seven other dogs.  Personally, I would call the last week a pretty successful week!

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Tuesday – 08-23-11

So I’m wondering…is my ‘behind’ looking a little fluffy? Hmmm… meow… No, I don’t think so. I was just wondering  because I think my begging skills might be improving. I was able to stare and bat my beautiful eye long enough to be given a couple of those absolutely scrumptious goldfish crackers! Meow-zah! As soon as my ‘feel-sorry-for-me-I-think-you-should-not-be-stingy-and-share’ expression was successful with one of the staff, I made my way behind that PC monitor to revel in the moment. O-M-G! Yummy! ~ Okay, onto business. Sweet, adorable “Edith” the the Beagle got adopted.  She has been here longer than I would have wished, but I think she and her new owner must be a match made in heaven! Her new dad was SO excited about adopting her and she seemed to share the same level of excitement. As soon as staff let Edith out of her kennel to go with her new dad, she ran right over to him! In this case, our shelter was able to use a donation provided by PAWED that helped reduce Edith’s adoption fee since she is a ‘seasoned’ pet. 🙂  Older pets often get overlooked because of the age and without consideration of the benefits. Thank goodness this worked out for her!

Edith got adopted! Just look at that face!!

Yesterday was surgery day and it included 14 cats, 3 dogs, and 1 rascally rabbit (yes, the nose-twitching rabbit!) successfully spayed/neutered and “Winnie” the adult kitty was adopted. Hurray!! ~ Gregory, the overweight, black adult cat was adopted first thing Monday morning! How ‘cat-cool’ is that?!  And then there was this little, black Pomeranian that came in, but then went home just before the shelter closed. Phew! Lucky dog!! Hopefully he doesn’t end up back here again. And finally, we have had a handful of kittens get adopted (Evan, Monkey, Duckey, and Ice Cream). — Remember what I taught you, kitties, and you’ll get lots of attention!!

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Wednesday – 08-17-11

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty…” Really?  This woman who comes into the shelter wants me to get up from my comfy spot and walk over to her for attention? Let me think about that for a moment.  Hmmm… OK! What can I say? I love being scratched and pet. 🙂  Anyway, based on the heat of the sunshine coming through the windows it feels like it’s starting to heat up outside again.  More kittens adopted! In fact, 13 more kittens adopted. Meow-zah! Say goodbye to Elam, Rocco, Elke, Tweedle, Dee, Smudgy, Bomba, Dasher, Frankie, Lexus, Lotus, Ben and Jerry. *deep gasping breath*  Honestly I think it’s a wonder we don’t run out of names!  It’s a good thing the kittens’ foster parents get to name these cuties because we start running out of ideas. 😉

“Hershey” the German Shepherd mix that was adopted from our shelter a little over a year ago was returned to us.  We were told that he unfortunately couldn’t refrain from shall we say… “terrorizing” the household cats.  His need to fixate on the cats was preventing them from performing their mouse-catching duties and maintained hidden in the owner’s garage instead. But despite the fact that Hershey’s owner reluctantly returned him to the shelter and kindly opted to pay for his next adoption, he ended up getting adopted the very next day without the adopters knowing of the pre-paid adoption arrangement ahead of time.

I should also mention that yesterday was surgery day here and although I hate to brag (well that not really true, but…) we actually spayed and neutered 24 animals!  Meow-zah!  Almost all were cats, but still!! I’m proud to say that we do great work around here. 🙂  Anyway, I must get back to my nap for now, but don’t forget to keep your own pets cool when these temperatures rise.

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Monday – 08-15-11

*Yawn!* Oh it’s another Monday and I feel extra tired from the weekend for some reason. Maybe it’s the fact that we are still short-staffed.  I can even see the tiredness in our staff’s eyes. The work of silent heroes can be ever so tiresome, but our animals are so dependent on us and the care we give them.  ~ We’ve had 9 kittens get adopted recently. They included Zola, Peach, Bandit, Yarus, Scout, Buddy, Almond and the two older kittens, Scooby and Perry. This is good because we need all the kitty space we can get. It seems every time kitty space comes available more kitties come in! We felines are such fertile creatures. 😉 That’s why it’s so important you get your kitty either spayed or neutered to help keep the unwanted population down.

We had several dog adoptions recently, including, guess who?? YES! Our sweet boy Victor!! Yeah baby!! Hurray for Victor! Although I feel lazier than usual today, I still get that warm and fuzzy feeling in my feline heart when knowing one of my dog pals went to a permanent home. *Sigh* Finally the right home and it seems to be working out splendidly too!  🙂

A stray rabbit by the name of “Bugsy” was brought in and I must admit that every time I see his nose twitch, his ears move, or his cute little hops, my eye becomes just a little dilated with excitement… Oh what fun Bugsy and I could have if only given the chance.  I can’t help it and I would never do anything inappropriate, but I’m thinking ‘cat toy’? Okay, maybe not…


"Bugsy" the Rabbit

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Monday – 08-08-11

Meow-zah! “Parker” the Chihuahua finally got adopted! Fortunately for him, his adoption was paid for by a PAWED member.  Those PAWED members never cease to amaze me! They have shown to have great big hearts and make such a huge impact on the lives of my companion animal friends here at the shelter AND out in our community.  In fact, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but PAWED even took their big mobile clinic to Georgetown, CA where they spent a day with many volunteers providing spay and neuter services to dogs for only $10!  Double meow-zee!! I sure wish I could have been there to see that because I heard it was so incredibly successful that they will be doing it again in a couple weeks!!  I did hear some of the volunteers talking about needing some fleece blankets (4′ x 5′) for use in future clinics to pad the bottom of crates and cover recovering dogs. So if you have some you are willing to donate, you could drop them off at the PAWED office. I’m sure they would really appreciate it.

PAWED Mobile Clinic in Georgetown

PAWED's Big Mobile Clinic Parked in Georgetown

Meow! Guess I digressed a bit. 😉  Anyway, we just had a few of the most adorable Jack Russel Terrier mix puppies (Lucy, Jack and Diane) get adopted. Yippee! And the sweet pitbull “Davine” that recently got put on medical hold after getting sick is now ‘released’ from medical hold by the vet.  But something really ‘cat-cool’ happened…her foster family decided to adopt her. Woo-hoo for Davine! I’m quite sure it was her natural charm oozing with sweetness! Her new name is Dagny and I’m so glad that she found her forever home! ~ “Victor” the playful and smart lab mix was also adopted too, but sadly he was returned because his adoptive sister apparently didn’t like him playing with toys. 😦 And if anybody knows Victor, well they know he’s a dog that loves to play with toys. You know, the kind of dog with owners that love going to pet stores without walking out with a new toy as payment for receiving that ‘canine-smile’ of sheer joy they get in return! I’m really keeping my paws crossed that he finds his permanent forever home soon because he really is nice boy (for a dog anyway) and loves to ‘please’ if you play with him.

Victor Needs a Home!

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Friday – 08-05-11

Happy Feline Friday!! I just thought I would call it that since we’ve had a good number of kittens and cats adopted. Besides, it made the day sound more ‘special’ – don’t you think? “Feline Friday!” Haha! 🙂  More adult cats were adopted, including Van Gogh! Hurray! Time for the kitty-jig!! Oh yeah…uh-huh!  This was actually his second time too because his first adoption didn’t work out very well.  Apparently he didn’t like his original adopter’s dog. Imagine that?! :-/  Hmph! And you know, not that I’m superstitious or anything or even believe we cats have nine lives (we’re just really amazing), but sometimes I do think things happen for a reason. As in the case of my friend Van Gogh here.

Van Gogh the Cat

Van Gogh the Cat

He got adopted again and will not just be someone’s pet, but a real life mascot!! You know that “Floors to Go” place on Placerville Drive? Not that I’ve ever been there, but I heard that’s where Van Gogh will now be working as their mascot!! How ‘cat-cool’ is that?! Now make no mistake that although I call it work, I’m sure it’s kind of like the work I do around here. You know, sort of oversight work and keeping things calm and cool through example of my own behavior. 😉 Anyway, if you want to visit him, head over there to say ‘hi’ sometime. I’m sure he would love it!

We also had the adult kitties “Mumzy” and “Tammy” adopted. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to see them find their own forever homes. Mumzy actually came to our shelter originally with the kitten “Meekan.” And Tammy, wow…she was one exotic looking feline that has been here sine May! She was a little out of my league, but she finally found a forever home of her own too! She was adopted once before, but it just wasn’t a good fit.  Tammy liked it a bit rough (playing with other kitties that is). Not all kitties like to play as rough as she does so she was returned. I’m keeping my paws crossed for her this time around that her new forever home will be a good fit for her and her new family.  Finding the right relationship for a new pet and existing pets in a home can sometimes take time, just like any relationship. We pets have different personalities and temperaments just like people.

We also had “Molly” a mommy cat that came in with her three kittens who were already adopted some time ago find her new forever home. She’s been here since the end of June. And finally, some of the black kittens (Elmer, Milly and Tilly) got adopted.  For some reason, we find that black kittens have a more difficult time finding homes than kittens of other color. It doesn’t seem quite fair, but unfortunately that’s the way it is. I’m just grateful they got adopted too! So I’ll say it again to all my fans and friends out there…Happy Feline Friday!!

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Wednesday – 08-03-11

Oh yeah, baby!  This lady volunteer has one of the softest laps I’ve ever curled up on and she doesn’t even mind letting me “knead” my paws back and forth. 😉 It reminds me of my early days as a kitten and feelings of security and content.  *sniffles*  Purrrr….  *shakes head* Okay. I need to snap back into the present again to share some wonderful news.  “Sombrero” the handsome, black and silver cat that had been in our shelter since APRIL finally got adopted.  Meow-zee!! I’m so excited for him ’cause that’s a long time to be hangin’ around this place as a guest!  I was really starting to get worried about that fellow.  Just look at that face pictured in this post below.  And despite the fact that we’ve recently had 30 plus kitten and cat adoptions (thank you again PAWED for sponsoring the 50% discount coupons), many more kittens that have been in foster homes are pouring back into our shelter. Once these little cuties get big enough for adoption, they get returned to us, filling up our kitty cages again, so I’m keeping my paws crossed that many of them find forever homes really soon. Besides, I find watching all their playful energy a bit exhausting for an older cat like me. 😉


“Bear” the sweet, 11-month old chocolate Lab was adopted for the second time. This time it seems to be a very good fit for both him and his new owner. In fact, I heard that his new owner is actually a horse trainer and Bear has already learned 6 new commands and tricks! He even knows how to walk on a treadmill to help work off some of his extra energy.   How cat-cool is that? 🙂  If you didn’t already know, dogs require more exercise than us cats and can get a bit edgy if they don’t get enough, particularly if they are a high-energy dog.  Other successful adoptions that have occurred recently include “Drako” an older Chihuahua, “Macy Mae” a Shih Tzu, “Pepper” a Jack Russell Terrier mix, “Keegan” a 7-month old Pit Bull, Poppy, Snapple, Armani, and even “Brutis” an 8-year old husky mix! So a big “kitty” head-rub goes to all you adopting families with big “kitty” thanks for saving lives by adopting a shelter animal. Meowee!! And don’t forget to keep your pet cool now that the summer time heat is here! We are just as susceptible to heat-related illnesses as people.

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