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Tuesday – 07-19-11

Meow-zah!  We’ve had lots of cat adoptions the past couple of weeks. It’s a good thing too because we have continued to have a lot of kittens come into our shelter.  As a matter of fact, we have been completely crowded with kittens! Recent adoptions included Mack, Annie, Bugsy, Lola, Posey, Buster, Sammy, Sylvester and C3PO all in one week.  Whew! I need to take a breath! ~ And by the end of last week Lara, Tyler, Taylor, cute little Braveheart, Daisy, Fred, Tib, Itchy, and even Billy Joe all got adopted.  But despite all these recent adoptions, it seems we still need some help finding more homes for my kitty friends.  *Yawns* Let me just stretch out here…  Ahhh, yes…  What to do to help my shelter kitty friends find forever homes.  Well, those PAWED people came up with this really cat-cool idea to offer 50% discount coupons for the adoption of any kitten or cat through July 30, 2011, and donated the money to cover the discount costs!!  Our shelter made these coupons available online. If your or someone you know is interested just CLICK HERE to go to our Animal Services website to get one.  I’m keeping my paws crossed that all my kitty friends find forever homes! And please be sure to say hello to me because I can always use an extra scratch under my chin and behind both ears…oh, and on my back too near my tail. 😉

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Monday – 07-04-11

Happy 4th of July and kitty-cheers for PAWED!! I saw some of the PAWED members come out yesterday and put up some shade things outside for our dogs. I knew they would figure out something. I love those people and don’t know what we would do without them! They are always so nice to us and I must admit I totally love the attention I get when they come in. 🙂 I heard they have been the ones responsible for coordinating the volunteer efforts while our shelter has been short-staffed and what a wonderful job they have been doing! I’m rolling on my back and lifting all four paws up to show my thanks! Meow-zah!!

A not so usual animal came into our shelter from Camino. I think the staff called it a “Cockatiel.” It is mottled gray and white, very pretty and scrumptious looking.  😉 I’ve never seen a bird look like that before. Anyway, be sure to pass the word around. If it doesn’t get claimed it’s going up for adoption this week.

On another note, I heard that some of the PAWED members went to go visit my old friend “Ricky.” I was so thrilled to know that he is having a cateriffic time and totally loving his new home at Fat Kitty City. 🙂  He even gets to be outside (lucky cat). Three kitty-cheers to you Rickster!

Ricky at Fat Kitty City

Ricky at Fat Kitty City

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Friday – 07-01-11

Meow-zah! Look at all this sunshine! I can feel the warmth on my back from all the sun coming through the window as I’m curled up on this chair. Uh-oh. Woops, gotta move. Here comes one of our staff to pull down the shades. Guess that means it’s gonna be a very warm day. I hope it doesn’t get too hot for our animals, especially the dogs. Unlike us cats, those dogs need to get some time to go outside for potty breaks and walks or play time with the volunteers.  We have very few shady spots for them outside and the asphalt can get VERY hot! I heard some of the PAWED members and volunteers talking about their concern with the heat we’re supposed to get this weekend. This makes me worried. I’m keeping my paws crossed we come up with some ideas.  Yikes!

Four kittens were adopted, Cali, Kerfuffle, Manny and Charget. Hooray! “Penny” the petite Chihuahua got adopted the first day she was put up for adoption. Wow, that was quick! “Lil Tyke” finally got adopted after being here a couple of weeks. His new name is “Nico” and he now has two brothers to play fetch with. 🙂 How cat-cool is that?!

I forgot to mention earlier this week we picked up a cat from the animal emergency clinic. Meow-zah! Apparently he got hit by a car and ended up with a broken tooth and a tongue that doesn’t look so good. We have him on antibiotics and will be taking care of his tooth once the infection goes down. I met him and he is a very cool cat too. I have to admit…also very brave! 🙂 I’m definitely keeping my paws crossed for him.

We also had a dog come in that has unfortunately been here quite a few times already with no current license or proof of current rabies vaccination. Yikes! And this time this poor fella is being left here because the owner stated he didn’t want to pay the recently increased fees. And in the case specifically because the dog is not neutered, it’s quite a bit more. We charge extra money to have a dog returned if it isn’t spayed or neutered. We already have so many unwanted pets that come into our shelter. All we really want to do is help save and improve the lives of those that are already here. One way to do that is to prevent more unwanted pets from being born and spare them any possible emotional or physical pain from neglect or abuse. *sniffles* I get really emotional about this subject. I’m keeping my paws crossed that this could be a blessing in disguise for this guy.

And our adult cats, well, they are barely being looked at right now. 😦  They all have such wonderful personalities too!  Just check out Peaches. She is an absolute doll if I say so myself. 😉 And boy, is she soft! Great for long time petting from a human hand.

"Peaches" the Cat

"Peaches" the Cat

People forget that there are advantages of getting an adult cat. Adopting an adult cat means you know the personality you are getting and it’s easier to find a good temperament match. Their personalities are already formed. Oh, and let’s not forget that they can be less destructive to things like draperies, electrical cords, etc. since they tend not to get into as much as the youngsters.  There are many other reasons too, so if  you know someone who could benefit from owning a cat, be sure to take a look at our adult kitties and come talk to our staff to find out more about them.

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Wednesday – 06-29-11

What is up with this rain?! What happened to my sunshine through the window? Ah well, I suppose I’ll make the best of it and use the excuse to meander around in the office area and usr my social skills to check out other cats in their kennels. Unlike me, they don’t have the privilege or sophistication to be people greeters. 🙂 “Bramble” has just recently gone up for adoption and he has been in foster for the past 5 months going through heartworm treatment. He is a true survivor! ~ “Pugface” is still here and has been here since May 13th! I’m getting a little concerned for the little fella. I don’t understand? For a dog he really has a cute face and his teeth give him character! He’s the one that brought shy little “Breezy” our of her shell making her adoptable. Maybe it’s his name? I don’t know, but I am going to keep my paws crossed that he finds a forever home soon. ~ “Buck” the Pit Bull mix and “Cookie” the Border Collie mix got adopted. “Stacy” the Airedale found a new home too. She ended up with a really cool family that owns a place called “Pampering Pickle.” Her new name is Sequoia and I heard she loves it there. In fact, I heard she has even become an official toy tester for them. What a totally cat-cool job for a dog!

Lots of kittens got adopted too…Baby Tye, Hot Dog, Racetrack, Mini, Cashew, and Peanut. I’ll miss those little ones, but I’m so thrilled they all found their forever homes. Hurray! Oh, and if you know anyone who likes rats (for a pet of course), we have one that is up for adoption. Oddly it’s name is “Little Bunny Fufu” and right now I like to spend much of my free time watching it! (If only… mmm … mmm …mmm…)


Stacy now known as "Sequoia"

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Saturday – 06-25-11

So today I thought I would work on my customer service skills. I decided to sit behind the counter and greet potential new companion animal owners. I thought that with my charm and good looks people could see the potential of any of the wonderful pets we have available.  What do you think?

Bullet behind the counter.

Hello, may I help you?

Right now we have a total of 11 dogs in foster homes! Out of the 11 dogs being fostered, 8 are puppies and 2 are going through heartworm treatment. Another one is with the vet who treated her ear ailment, and the other one is “Pivet.” Pivot is this cute little black and white mix who has been at the shelter for a very long time.  I could tell by the change in his behavior that he needed some time away from the shelter. Unfortunately it could be particularly tough on the spirit of a dog when they spend too much time in a shelter so being fostered will be kind of like a vacation for him.

We also have a whopping total of 56 kittens in foster care, along with 2 mommies! “Holy Meow-zah!” Kittens are all around everywhere. Twelve are also up for adoption and 12 more kittens are waiting for either spay/neuter or for foster homes. ~ My friend “Sombrero” has been here since April. I really wish I we could find him a forever home. I’m really keeping my paws crossed for him. He has beautiful soft, black and white fur and plays energetically with other kitties. He so deserves to be in a permanent home and family to warm up to. He likes to play with the other kitten in his kennel and enjoys rough and tumble play.

And finally “Mason” the pitbull mix was adopted! His new adoptive brother knows an amazing 30 commands and tricks! He will definitely get some mental challenge learning the commands his new brother already knows. Hurray for Mason!


Mason found a home!

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