Thursday – 06-23-11

Gosh I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I posted anything for my fans! I am happy to say that I at least have some good news to share. *Meow!*

Siesta, the black and white one year old kitty was finally adopted. Hurray! She was an interesting cat too because she actually loved dogs and would always play in her water just so she could escape when her cage was being clean! Can’t say that I blame her about wanting to come out of her cage and I must say “quite ingenious” of her. 😉 But the whole idea of a cat loving dogs just isn’t natural. Truthfully I tolerate them, but that’s as far as I go. Oh well, no cat is perfect (except me of course) and around here we loved her despite the fact she had these unusually strange feelings towards dogs. I’m just happy she found her forever home.

Siesta the cat.

"Siesta" the cat.

The kittens that were rescued and found in a box outside a dentist’s office a while back were all fortunately adopted. Their names were Garbanzo, Tortellini and Nugget. They were cute as can be and now live safely in their new forever homes.  ~ Two other kittens, “Brownie” and “Fuzzy-Lilly” were also adopted along with “Milo” the one-year old Tabby who was here for less than a week.

As for our dogs… “Byron” the smiley big yellow Labrador mix was adopted. I don’t think he ever stopped smiling. ~ “Kyrek” the silver husky/malamute/shepherd mix and “Meela” the five-month old brindle Pitbull puppy were also adopted. And finally, “Dizzy” the energetic Jack Russell Terrier was adopted! *Meow-zah!*  I was so glad to see that she was adopted. Dizzy was staying with her foster family and then they decided just to keep her! She doesn’t even have to go through another transition. How cat-cool is that?!


"Dizzy" the dog.


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  1. Jamie

    So glad to hear Dizzy’s foster home turned into her forever home!!

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