Thursday – 06-09-11

Today was a bitter-sweet day. *Meow* It was sad knowing we didn’t have a single adoption. We were, however, able to test and place up for adoption two new doggies. One was a blue, muscular  Pit Bull named Mason and the other a slightly shy Chihuahua/Pug mix now named Pugface. The volunteers seem to enjoy walking both of them so that’s a good thing.  🙂 But the thing that made me curl my front paws in and lay my head down was the fact that my good friend, Ricky, went to live in a place called “Fat Kitty City” in El Dorado Hills.  The name of it sounds like it would be more appropriate for me, but I hear it’s a really cool place. Apparently it’s a sanctuary for cats. This place let’s it’s kitties have free roam with multiple rooms to live in and even a kitty-safe yard to lounge in the sun! How cat-cool is that?! Ricky is going to have so much fun there. I heard that there are even two other kitties with his same condition so he’ll have someone to meow too that understands. I am going to miss him sooo much, but we all agree that he is going to have a blast! Before he left he told me to tell all of you goodbye for him and to let you know that we can visit him any time at his new pad. Love you, Rickster man! I’ll be sure to pass along any updates that I get from you or the folks there from Fat Cat City! *sniffles*

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  1. Jamie

    Wishing Ricky well in his new home…he is a special kitty. Sure hope Mason and Pugface find homes.

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