Friday – 06-10-11

Today was a very busy Friday mostly full of watching staff play catch-up with paperwork. I love paperwork, but it doesn’t appear to be the staff’s favorite thing to do. *flips tail* – I love the crinkly sound it makes when it moves and how it feels under my feet when I walk on it.  Meow-zah! I do try my best to help out with this paperwork stuff, but it’s just so mesmerizing and fun!  And the keyboard, gosh how I LOVE the keyboard! I take every opportunity I can to type on it. I use all four paws of course by walking on top of those buttons with letters. They make a really cool sound! Occasionally I can even get a ‘beep’ sound to come out! It does become extremely exhausting for me though. Fortunately for me staff have this blue, rectangular shaped mini-basket near the monitor that seems to be made perfect for me. Well, maybe not perfect, but I’m able to carefully squeeze my beautiful and muscular body into this basket where I can rest. Having my fur sticking out through the basket holes don’t bother me a bit. In fact, I find it quite comfortable. 🙂

So today we had four cute black, black and white, Lab/Pit Bull puppies surrendered to our shelter. I have a feeling these cute little guys will get adopted pretty quick. They are only nine weeks old, sweet, mostly calm and just plain adorable! We have a red, male Lab with a microchip come in, but unfortunately the chip can’t be traced back to the owner. I wonder if the owner just forgot to register their information? He came from Poor Red’s in El Dorado. ~ We also had two Border Collie/Aussie mix dogs come in. One male and one female. They were found on Hwy. 49 and Gold Hill. You should see them now…*giggles*…both are shaved. In time their hair will grow back, but I have to admit I found it a little humorous to see them after the shaving took place. ~ A nice-looking Shepherd/Husky was brought in from Somerset. Very beautiful creature for dog…almost kind of wolf-like in appearance. ~ And a tan-colored Chihuahua.

And as far as adoptions, we had three kittens get adopted.  The kitties Starbuck, Lola, and Mickey all went to a good home! Hurray!

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