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Friday – 06-24-11

A little over a year ago we had in our shelter this giant Belgian Tervuren by the name of “Molly.” If you have ever seen one you would know they are a magnificent looking breed and very bright (for a dog that is anyway).  Molly has apparently been doing very well in her forever home and her family has enjoyed her so much that they decided they wanted to get another dog. So here they were, once again in our shelter to adopt another dog. This pleased me very much of course. 🙂 They ended up adopting “Shamar” who is a little yellow American Eskimo mix. He seemed a bit unsettled about the transition and his new sister, but I’m sure in no time at all they will be a bonded pack.

Sadly we also had a chocolate Labrador come in that was diagnosed with Heartworms. His name is “Titan” but fortunately for him a Lab Rescue Group adopted him. The rescue group will be able treat him and work towards finding him a new home. I’m keeping my paws crossed for this guy! Thank goodness for rescue groups who so often help us out! *Meow-zah!*

One of our rats was adopted, which doesn’t happen very often. I couldn’t tell if it was “Popcorn” or “Peanut.” No offense to any of you rats out there, but I often get them confused. Beady eyes, long tail, and whiskers and all… And oh! This huge rabbit was brought in from the South Lake Tahoe shelter. I totally mistook her for a cat at first because she was SO unbelievable big for a rabbit! She was 8 pounds and she was just spayed this week. I think this was the biggest rabbit I have ever seen!

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Thursday – 06-23-11

Gosh I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I posted anything for my fans! I am happy to say that I at least have some good news to share. *Meow!*

Siesta, the black and white one year old kitty was finally adopted. Hurray! She was an interesting cat too because she actually loved dogs and would always play in her water just so she could escape when her cage was being clean! Can’t say that I blame her about wanting to come out of her cage and I must say “quite ingenious” of her. 😉 But the whole idea of a cat loving dogs just isn’t natural. Truthfully I tolerate them, but that’s as far as I go. Oh well, no cat is perfect (except me of course) and around here we loved her despite the fact she had these unusually strange feelings towards dogs. I’m just happy she found her forever home.

Siesta the cat.

"Siesta" the cat.

The kittens that were rescued and found in a box outside a dentist’s office a while back were all fortunately adopted. Their names were Garbanzo, Tortellini and Nugget. They were cute as can be and now live safely in their new forever homes.  ~ Two other kittens, “Brownie” and “Fuzzy-Lilly” were also adopted along with “Milo” the one-year old Tabby who was here for less than a week.

As for our dogs… “Byron” the smiley big yellow Labrador mix was adopted. I don’t think he ever stopped smiling. ~ “Kyrek” the silver husky/malamute/shepherd mix and “Meela” the five-month old brindle Pitbull puppy were also adopted. And finally, “Dizzy” the energetic Jack Russell Terrier was adopted! *Meow-zah!*  I was so glad to see that she was adopted. Dizzy was staying with her foster family and then they decided just to keep her! She doesn’t even have to go through another transition. How cat-cool is that?!


"Dizzy" the dog.

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Wednesday – 06-15-11

Yippee! Just as I suspected; all four of those cute little Lab/Pitbull puppies I spoke of a few days ago got adopted. Around here they became known as Gina, George, Gallagher, and Gert. They are all now in their new homes. Meow-zah! ~ A well-fed Chihuahua mix by the name of “Bruiser” was adopted and I heard according to a friend of a volunteer here that he is doing catterific! ~ “Nacho Man” the little Lhaso Apso/Corgi mix with a single blue eye finally got adopted. This little guy was a very nice dog, but quite leery of strangers while here at the shelter. An amazing thing happened when he was given a chance to be out of this environment from behind bars.  Kerry McBride who owns this place called the El Dorado Pet Club took him in to foster and he was immediately adopted!! Woo-hoo! Many times when dogs find themselves away from the shelter they can often be less stressed, better relaxed and feel and behave more like their ‘real’ selves. Nacho Man just needed to get out of the shelter environment to become “a-ok!”

“Mongo” a beautiful black lab mix was adopted into a nice home where he will be playing with another lab that is supposedly just like him, only yellow. I think that’s totally cat-cool! Hmmm…makes me wonder it there is another “Bullet” like me on black instead of white?

Anyway, “Grampie” this very handsome, slightly older cat with gorgeous blue eyes finally went home with a very caring gentleman. I’m quite pleased about that because there is only so much room in the shelter for older, handsome cats like myself! And besides, Gramps is ten years old. He has a history of being a little cranky with other kitties he’s had to live with. In his new home he’ll have his new owner all to himself!


"Grampie" the Cat

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Tuesday – 06-14-11

Tuesdays around here are of course when the vet performs surgeries to spay and neuter our animals. Things went purrfectly smooth as usual. The surgeries included seven kitties and four doggies. That means they will all be up for adoption tomorrow. Woo-hoo! 🙂  I wish everything in life could be that smooth and easy, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

“Breezy” a little Chihuahua mix who came into our shelter was extremely shy and always frightened of everything. She was on the verge of completely shutting down.  I honestly wasn’t too optimistic about her snapping out of it and I consider myself to be an optimistic cat.  She was fearful of our staff the first few days here and didn’t warm up at all to any of the volunteers that attempted to make friends with her. Seeing pets in this state of mind break my feline heart, but I still kept my paws crossed for her. Finally, it was decided to try and put her in a kennel with the slightly shy “Pugface” (Chihuahua/Pug mix). And lo and behold! We began to see a spark in Breezy’s eyes and a quick wag in her tail! That little darlin’ came out of her shell! Her new found friendship perked her up and pulled her out of depression! And with her true personality shining through, she managed to find herself someone wanting to adopt her!  Meow-zah!! Her new adopter spent lots of time with her in one of the outside dog runs. The two of them began to bond, getting to know each other more and Breezy’s little heart seemed to grow big! It was an amazing sight to see! *sniffles* They had so much fun playing together and Breezy even played in the WATER! A Chihuahua playing in the water? Who would have known a little Chihuahua would love to swim? My heart melted and I was so relieved that I kept my paws crossed for her! *more sniffles* Being here can occasionally be heart-breaking, but moments like today can also be so fulfilling. Especially when I see staff and others who don’t give up on an animal. They discovered a different approach to help Breezy and it made a difference in her. It makes me proud to be a part of this staff and the many volunteers that come out to help.


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Friday – 06-10-11

Today was a very busy Friday mostly full of watching staff play catch-up with paperwork. I love paperwork, but it doesn’t appear to be the staff’s favorite thing to do. *flips tail* – I love the crinkly sound it makes when it moves and how it feels under my feet when I walk on it.  Meow-zah! I do try my best to help out with this paperwork stuff, but it’s just so mesmerizing and fun!  And the keyboard, gosh how I LOVE the keyboard! I take every opportunity I can to type on it. I use all four paws of course by walking on top of those buttons with letters. They make a really cool sound! Occasionally I can even get a ‘beep’ sound to come out! It does become extremely exhausting for me though. Fortunately for me staff have this blue, rectangular shaped mini-basket near the monitor that seems to be made perfect for me. Well, maybe not perfect, but I’m able to carefully squeeze my beautiful and muscular body into this basket where I can rest. Having my fur sticking out through the basket holes don’t bother me a bit. In fact, I find it quite comfortable. 🙂

So today we had four cute black, black and white, Lab/Pit Bull puppies surrendered to our shelter. I have a feeling these cute little guys will get adopted pretty quick. They are only nine weeks old, sweet, mostly calm and just plain adorable! We have a red, male Lab with a microchip come in, but unfortunately the chip can’t be traced back to the owner. I wonder if the owner just forgot to register their information? He came from Poor Red’s in El Dorado. ~ We also had two Border Collie/Aussie mix dogs come in. One male and one female. They were found on Hwy. 49 and Gold Hill. You should see them now…*giggles*…both are shaved. In time their hair will grow back, but I have to admit I found it a little humorous to see them after the shaving took place. ~ A nice-looking Shepherd/Husky was brought in from Somerset. Very beautiful creature for dog…almost kind of wolf-like in appearance. ~ And a tan-colored Chihuahua.

And as far as adoptions, we had three kittens get adopted.  The kitties Starbuck, Lola, and Mickey all went to a good home! Hurray!

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Thursday – 06-09-11

Today was a bitter-sweet day. *Meow* It was sad knowing we didn’t have a single adoption. We were, however, able to test and place up for adoption two new doggies. One was a blue, muscular  Pit Bull named Mason and the other a slightly shy Chihuahua/Pug mix now named Pugface. The volunteers seem to enjoy walking both of them so that’s a good thing.  🙂 But the thing that made me curl my front paws in and lay my head down was the fact that my good friend, Ricky, went to live in a place called “Fat Kitty City” in El Dorado Hills.  The name of it sounds like it would be more appropriate for me, but I hear it’s a really cool place. Apparently it’s a sanctuary for cats. This place let’s it’s kitties have free roam with multiple rooms to live in and even a kitty-safe yard to lounge in the sun! How cat-cool is that?! Ricky is going to have so much fun there. I heard that there are even two other kitties with his same condition so he’ll have someone to meow too that understands. I am going to miss him sooo much, but we all agree that he is going to have a blast! Before he left he told me to tell all of you goodbye for him and to let you know that we can visit him any time at his new pad. Love you, Rickster man! I’ll be sure to pass along any updates that I get from you or the folks there from Fat Cat City! *sniffles*

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Tuesday – 06-07-11

Ha-ha! I love seeing the sunshine again through the windows and onto the chairs placed next to them! The only thing better is when customers come in and sit on one to fill out adoption papers. Why? Because although I love it when someone adopts one (or two) of my animal friends, it’s even better when they manage to find their way onto one of these chairs. It allows me to hop on a chair next to them (or on their lap if at all possible) to get my petting in for the day! *Meow!* They usually don’t mind. In fact, most of the time they barely notice their hand stroking my beautiful head and back or scratching my luxuriously soft cheek while they read the words on that paper. Life is good for me despite the busyness around here. 😉

Last Thursday two dogs, “Trixie” the cattle dog and “Domino” the beefy Queensland were happily reunited with their owners. Hurray!  Then on Friday, “Bella” the Schnauzer went home and “Boomer” the Border Collie was picked up injured…poor guy.  BUT! Because Boomer’s owners filled out a lost report with our shelter as soon as he went missing, our staff were able to contact his owners right away! I so love our staff and what they do. True heroes in the eyes of my animal friends!

Saturday we had “Rider” the Pit Bull go home and on Monday, “Cash” the Malamute went to his new home.  And for the next morsel of information I shall do the kitty-jig!!  — Cat roll PLEASE!! We have adopted ALL of our available kittens! Woo-hoo!  We will have some more coming up soon, but I think this is awesome!

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Wednesday – 06-08-11

Ahhh…flowers. I like to chew on their leaves and petals, but living in the shelter doesn’t give me the opportunity to get access to them. I suppose that’s for the best since I don’t always know which ones are ‘okay’ for me to chew on and which ones might be harmful. The only reason I was thinking about flowers was because “Lilly” the Schnauzer got adopted. Her name made me think of the Lily flower. I know… I know…Lillies are very poisonous to us cats, but hey, it wasn’t my idea to name her Lilly.  😛  Anyway, “Ginger” the Schnoodle was also adopted. Ginger and Lilly both came to our shelter together because their original owner passed away and that’s how they ended up here. I’m very pleased that the two of them both found a new forever homes even if that meant they couldn’t be together!

“Molly” the long-haired Chihuahua was adopted to a new home. The same home that adopted a yellow Labrador from us a few years back. They must have been happy with our customer service because they came back as a repeat customer all the way from Sacramento! Yay!! (Nothing against Sacramento. We’re all here to help save my shelter friends no matter what shelter they may be in.)

Remember “Happy” the Shih Tzu I mentioned a couple weeks ago? The one that badly needed a bath after coming from a breeder where he spent all his first life in an outdoor pen? Well, he finally got adopted too! 🙂 I’m so glad that keeping my paws crossed helped him find a forever home!  “Porter” the Corgi/Chihuahua, “Penny” the shy Border Collie, “Vienna” the overfed Dachshund, and “Bella” the Pit Bull all got adopted!! I am a very happy kitty today!!

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Wednesday – 06-01-11

Boy I had to work especially hard today! I ended up having to cat-test a couple of dogs that passed my exam. Fortunately neither one of them wanted to try to eat me!! Another day another morsel of food, right? Someone has gotta do it even if it is tough work!! ~  I also found myself doing the cat-jig today!! Why do you ask? Because “Gus” the big, black lovable lab was finally adopted!  “Meow-zah!!”  “Noetoe” was adopted yesterday, but returned today because he was a little too clingy for the family and didn’t really like their other dog. Did you know that if you’re interested in adopting a second dog that you could bring your first dog into the shelter for a meet and greet with a potential adoptee? It’s always a good idea to do that before you adopt to help increase the chances of finding a good match. 🙂  “Bonnie” the Chihuahua was adopted today too and two scruffy little Schnauzer-mix doggies thankfully got baths! They will be going up for adoption shortly.

The little dog “Cherry” was returned because her owner got a job. She was originally adopted from us some time  the end of last year. I’m keeping all my paws crossed that we find a good match for her.

“Sorbet” the cat was returned because her owner passed away.  This always makes me feel sad.  😦 She was very happy and really loved her owner who adopted her a couple of years ago. I’ll keep my paws crossed for her too that she finds a new home that will provide her the love that she has been given the last few years.

On a more positive meow, I’ve been watching lots of volunteers here spending a lot of time and energy helping out our staff. It’s totally cat-cool of them.  I’m not sure what our staff would do without them. They deserve a purrrfect paw of applause. Meow!! So thank you volunteers!!

Bonnie the Chihuahua

"Bonnie" the Chihuahua

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Saturday – 05-28-11

Woo-hoo! We had two kittens adopted, “Sunnydelight” and “Khloe,” along with “Dewey” a big orange tabby cat. “Chloe” a yellow lab mix was also adopted. She has been in our shelter quite a few times because she likes to run off and socialize. Can’t say that I blame her.  I’m keeping my paws crossed that this will be the last time I see her in here.  It’s nothing personal, but she really needs to be in a stable home. 🙂  In addition to Chloe, we had five other little dogs adopted.  “Maxine” a cute Terrier, “Gloria” an adorably plumb Shih Tzu, “Percy” the perky pug, “Sully” the silky, long-haired Chihuahua, “Meeka” a bouncy Jack Russell Terrier, and “Sasha” the pretty Border Collier mix puppy!!! Wow! This makes me VERY happy! 🙂

“Kendall” an 8-year old pit bull who apparently went through a recent surgery to remove cancer found herself in our shelter. Fortunately for her, her mom came in to look for her.  You should have seen the frantic look on her mom’s face. She was ecstatic when she saw Kendall. (I love reunions!)  *sigh* Her mom said it seems that Kendall wants to “experience life” after her “near-death” experience with cancer because only now after her recent surgery has she begun to wander. Goes to show you that even animals understand that life is short so we need to make the best of it and live in the moment!  Meow!! 😉

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